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We’ve come a long way since our very first digital gamebook was downloadable for iPhones at the end of January 2010. Can you believe the iPad wasn’t even announced then – oh, how the fast the technological world changes! It’s important for us as a company to find new ways to make our older GA titles relevant to people that haven’t read them before or don’t want to join in with the digital book reading revolution…just yet! Here are 4 things we’re going to be doing in 2014 to make our older titles new again:

1) Gamebook Adventures Compendiums

GA1_208x   GA2_208x   GA3_208x

We’ve decided to start creating collections of some of our older titles. The print publishing industry does it all the time to re-release older material for new audiences, so we thought we’d give it a try! The first release will see our first 3 GA apps, An Assassin in Orlandes, The Siege of the Necromancer and Slaves of Rema grouped together in one app. It will be a little cheaper to buy than if you bought all apps separately but may have a few less bells and whistles, like sharing one main menu, for example. The important bit though is that the stories won’t change and you’ll still be able to collect all the achievements and illustrations.

The tech behind putting three GAs together, and it’s actually more complicated to do than it sounds, will be used to help develop the Golden Dragon collections that we announced on the fourth day of Gamebooks. It will also be used on our upcoming Sagas of Fire*Wolf, announced last year. Should this method of delivery prove successful, then we may start putting more collections together in this way!

2) Gamebook Adventures Paperbacks

GA_printsWe’ve already talked about this on the blog when Neil received a very special surprise on his recent trip to Melbourne! We can reveal that not only do we have The Siege of the Necromancer nearly ready to publish, but we’ll also be self-publishing An Assassin in Orlandes very soon too.

Assuming they prove popular then we’ll likely look at getting the rest of the series underway. Again, laying out a print gamebook from a digital gamebook is a lot more complicated to do than you’d think, so it may take some time.

We’re also going to get both our Strange Loves titles, Vampire Boyfriends and Hex Boyfriends, into print too during 2014!

 3) More translated Gamebook Adventures

Recently An Assassin in Orlandes was translated into Spanish by the wonderful team over at Mundos Epicos under their Dark Game gamebook label (they also recently translated Steve Jackson’s House of Hell and Ian Livingstone’s Blood of the Zombies too). spanish_assassinWith Un Asesino en Orlandes and our French version, L’Assassin d’Orlandes, as a second language option in the app, this obviously this increases the potential readership of the gamebook. We’d like to increase this further in 2014, not only by having more gamebooks in both Spanish and French, but also looking at other European languages such as German or Italian. We’ve even started looking at both Korean and Chinese markets too!

Our gamebook pipeline has been heavily developed with translations in mind, and after a few teething problems in the early days, we can now get translation teams to use our tools and give us the translated assets directly, which vastly speeds up the development process. Fighting Fantasy fans can also expect to see us apply this pipeline more in the future too. Both The Forest of Doom and House of Hell are already available as a French option (with Gallimard as our partner) but we hope to have more translated releases for you further down the pipe!


Slaves of Rema or Les Esclaves de Rema as it is known in French speaking parts of the world, will be released in early 2014. Studio 09 have done a fantastic job and we’ll be inviting them to write a guest blog post next year about their experiences working on Gamebook Adventures and Fighting Fantasy.

4) Other Gamebook Adventures Media

Calendar Have you checked out our Gamebook Adventures calendar yet? Lots of lovely artwork by Pirkka Harvala, Simon Lissaman, Dan Maxwell and Josh Wright. You should really check it out. PLUG!

Plugs aside, this is a great example of how we’re going to try and extend our brand in 2014 to other forms. There has been a lot of discussion in the office of what to do, but we can reveal that we may be involved with something special for PAX Australia next year, there may also be an official soundtrack album (OST) release and the word “Kickstarter” has been used more than a few times in relation to a few ideas – most notably a potential Art of Gamebook Adventures book.

We’ll keep you posted! :D

Join us for more gamebook reveals when we open the tenth door of The Twelve Days of Gamebooks very soon (within a few hours in fact!)

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