We’re back in the amazing indie MEGABOOTH as part of PAX East 2014! Neil and Clinton will be heading over to Boston this year joined by some Tin Minions, so if you’re coming along then pop along to the Tin Man Games booth. We’re going to be giving out hundreds of Fighting Fantasy and Gamebook Adventures buttons, handing out free gamebooks and letting visitors have a sneak play of Appointment with F.E.A.R., the first TMG digital gamebook using our new engine. It’s very different to anything we’ve developed before. If that wasn’t enough you can also pose as a superhero or superheroine yourself and have your photo taken saying whatever it is you want to say in a handy speech bubble – how could you not resist that!?? 😀

Here’s a link to the indie MEGABOOTH site and if you’re PAX’in it, you’ll find us somewhere under the large MEGABOOTH banner on the show floor. See YOU in Boston!

And just because we felt inspired, here’s MEGABLAST by Bomb Da Bass (major gaming cred goes to those who guess the famous game this tune was used on). Crank up the volume!


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