The Forest of Doom
Here’s a nice end to the year! The Forest of Doom is available in this week’s Humble Weekly Bundle, all themed around RPGs! You can grab the Fighting Fantasy classic by simply beating the average, and blag yourself some other great RPG games as well:

The Humble Weekly Bundle RPG Edition has now ended!
Aside from The Forest of Doom, you can also pick up:

  • Skara – The Blade Remains: Compete for what’s left of Skara by engaging in fast paced, hand-to-hand combat that rewards skills, not stats.
  • Alpha Kimori – Episode One: The first in a trilogy of bright and colorful Japanese-inspired story-driven 2D Role Playing Games, which feature an intricate action-adventure epic story with a delightful mix of sci-fi and fantasy elements.
  • Avadon 2: The Corruption: Serve the keep of Avadon, working as a spy and warrior to fight the enemies of your homeland. As a servant of the Black Fortress, your word is law.
  • Consortium Taking place entirely aboard a massive futuristic aircraft, CONSORTIUM is a first person science-fiction role-playing experience unlike any other.
  • Fighting Fantasy: The Forest of Doom: Ian Livingstone’s legendary Fighting Fantasy gamebook, featuring modern and retro modes, auto-mapping, and realistic dice rolling as you play!
  • Deep Dungeons of Doom: Dungeons await, each one deeper, each one more perilous, and each one more challenging than the last.
  • Halfway: A turn-based strategy RPG taking place a few hundred years into the future. Humanity has begun to colonise new worlds and until now, they were alone…

A great collection of games, just in time for the holidays. And part of your purchase goes to charity, too. That’s pretty awesome!

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