Happy Holidays from Tin Man Games! To celebrate the season we have reduced many of our games on the App Store, Google Play and Steam. Check out the full list here:

Miss and the Deathly Maze iOS Android

Episode 2 over 50% OFF!

Costumes also reduced on Android!

UP TO 60% OFF! The Warlock of Firetop Mountain PC Mac iOS

Goblin Scourge DLC on Steam 50% OFF!

Figurine in-app purchases on iOS also reduced heavily!

UP TO 50% OFF Story Passes for Choices That Matter! Android iOS

All Fighting Fantasy digital gamebooks reduced heavily on all platforms!

Blood of the Zombies iOS Android

House of Hell PC Mac iOS Android

Island of the Lizard King iOS Android

The Forest of Doom PC Mac iOS Android

Caverns of the Snow Witch PC Mac iOS Android

Bloodbones iOS Android

Starship Traveller PC Mac iOS Android

Appointment with FEAR PC Mac iOS

UP TO 60% OFF! Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion PC Mac iOS Android

All Gamebook Adventures digital gamebooks reduced heavily on all platforms!

An Assassin in Orlandes PC Mac iOS Android

The Siege of the Necromancer iOS Android

Slaves of Rema iOS Android

Revenant Rising iOS Android

Catacombs of the Undercity PC Mac iOS Android

The Wizard from Tarnath Tor iOS Android

Temple of the Spider God iOS Android

Curse of the Assassin PC Mac iOS Android

Sultans of Rema iOS Android

Lords of Nurroth iOS Android

Songs of the Mystics iOS Android

Asuria Awakens iOS Android

Infinite Universe iOS Android

Gamebook Adventures Collected 1-3 Android

Gamebook Adventures Collected 4-6 Android


UP TO 60% OFF! To Be or Not To Be PC Mac iOS Android

The Sagas of Fire*Wolf Android

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