We’re looking to the future of our newly released Fighting Fantasy Classics app and we want to know which book YOU want to play next! In case you’ve missed it, Fighting Fantasy Classics is a library-style app through which you can collect and play many of your favourite Allansian adventures! It is free to download on iOS and Android and every player gets Jonathan Green’s swashbuckling pirate adventure Bloodbones for free upon download.

Presently, you can purchase a handful of never-before-released gamebooks through the app, including Citadel of Chaos, Warlock of Firetop Mountain and City of Thieves.

There are so many classic Fighting Fantasy stories we would love to bring to you, but rather than guessing which new title you’d most like to play next, we are bringing the question directly to you! Would you like to play Deathtrap Dungeon or Sword of the Samurai next?

Get your vote in now! We’ll be taking your votes until Monday, April 9th, 6pm AEST.

Thanks for your response! May your Skill and Luck carry you ever onwards and your Stamina never fade!

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