Last week we launched a poll to determine which new book we would be bringing to Fighting Fantasy Classics. We received 390 votes over the week and we are very excited to announce that Deathtrap Dungeon came out on top with 265 votes. Sword of the Samurai also received some love with 125 votes – none too shabby!

Deathtrap Dungeon will be released late April 2018.

Ian Livingstone’s Deathtrap Dungeon is – of course – the sixth book in the Fighting Fantasy series, first published in 1984, and was followed by two sequels – Trial of Champions in 1986 and Armies of Death in 1988. The game takes place beneath the City of Fang in an underground labyrinth of trials and monsters and features a devilishly high number of interesting ways to perish.

Be on the lookout for another poll in a few weeks time when we’ll ask you which Fighting Fantasy adventure you would like to embark on next. Until then, may your Provisions see you to the end of your journey and your Sword serve you well!

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