We have three super-exciting Fighting Fantasy announcements for you this week – strap in, grab your favourite broadsword and let’s go adventuring…

Fighting Fantasy Classics is coming to Steam!

Our recent Fighting Fantasy library app, which is currently available for iOS/Android smartphones and tablets, is coming to PC and Mac! We’ve just launched our “Coming Soon” page on Steam, which contains all the info you need about the upcoming release. The game library will become available for download on June 6th and will include free access to Jonathan Green’s supernatural pirate adventure, Bloodbones! Fighting Fantasy Classics will also feature all the current digital gamebooks available in the mobile version, including Ian Livingstone’s Deathtrap Dungeon, which was released last month.

If you’re a Fighting Fantasy fan and a Steam user jump into our discussion forums and share with us your love for all things FF!

Poll results! Which gamebook is coming next?

In our previous blogpost we asked you to vote on which FF gamebooks you would like to see in the library.

The contestants were Sword of the Samurai, Trial of Champions, Creature of Havoc, and Freeway Fighter. We’re excited to finally announce that the overwhelming winner was Trial of Champions! Expect to see Deathtrap Dungeon‘s epic sequel hit the library app in the coming months. We’re big fans of Ian Livingstone’s return to Fang, so we’re thrilled you voted to bring it into the digital domain!

Second place was a close call with Freeway Fighter narrowly edging it. Because the result was so tight we’ll make an internal decision as development progresses on all titles as to which gamebook we’ll release after ToC. It’s heartening to see that all four titles received so much support! Thank you so much for your votes.

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is coming to Nintendo Switch!

If you’ve been following us on Twitter you will have seen another major Fighting Fantasy announcement this week. We’ve been working closely with another Australian game developer to bring our smash-hit PC/iOS adaptation of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain to Nintendo’s amazing new console. We don’t have a release date just yet but keep an eye on our social media channels over the coming weeks for more news!

And finally in other news, we just wanted to let you know that we have recently removed our older Fighting Fantasy apps from Google Play. Our reasoning for doing this at the moment is that these apps contain some old analytics tools buried deep in their code that could be in violation of the new GDPR data regulations. Sadly fixes are not straight forward and will require resources currently tied up in other projects, but our plan will be to slowly fix them and re-upload to Google Play as soon as we are able!

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