My old Tin Gran used to have a saying, “If you ain’t got anything good to say then it’s not worth saying at all!”. I actually disagree with her as I think sometimes it’s worth pointing the shortcomings of something where the feedback could ultimately help improve it. My previous post was a celebration of the lovely reviews we had been getting for Assassin and it seems so ironic that only a couple of days later we get our first really scathing review on the App Store.

As I said negative feedback is actually a good thing, because as a developer it makes you want to push your product closer to what you view as perfection. However when negative feedback isn’t constructive and actually quite insulting then really my old Tin Gran wasn’t so wrong after all. The reviewer hated Assassin but that’s actually fine by us. We can’t make everyone happy and there will be some people that just don’t get what we’re doing. However the reviewer goes on the attack by saying, “The drone reviews on this game are obvious plants”. Now I feel that’s going a bit too far and is not only an insult to us but disrespects all the previous reviewers of Assassin. It makes us out to be cheats and crooks and that doesn’t feel so great. I can safely say that all the reviews and comments about the game on the App Store or anywhere else on the internet are genuine. In fact quite a few of them mention a lot of negatives, so why would we plant them?

So my comment to Mr. Metalfiend is that I respect that you didn’t like the game. Please contact us with your grievances and we will see if we can indeed do anything to make you like the game, but please don’t paint us as dishonest. We’re a very hard-working, small indie team who deserve a little bit more respect than that.

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