Like a group of eager beavers we prepared a pretty big update to Assassin last week. The build helped improve some framerate issues and fixed a few other things here and there. Sadly though, because of the overhaul we missed a pretty nasty crash bug in testing which has caused new players some problems. We have fixed this and version 1.41 has been submitted to Apple.

If you’ve updated recently then please wait for the next update until you play again. If you’ve recently bought the game then we’re really sorry if you’re having problems. This will be rectified in a few days and you’ll be able to enjoy Assassin properly. We’ve already had a bad review about this on the US app store so we’ve learnt our lesson! Apologies again.

UPDATE 24/04/10: The new version 1.41 has now been approved by Apple. Update asap to cure the horrible crash bug!

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