Wow, it’s been a crazy 24 hours since we first announced our GA for iPad.

We’ve had coverage on arguably the two biggest iPhone sites out there, not only discussing our iPad development, but also revealing further information about The Siege of the Necromancer, as well as an announcement for Gamebook Adventures 3: Slaves of Rema!

We’ll be sure to update the blog with more info on GA3 when we have it. For now, let’s just say it’s cooking nicely!

Pocket Gamer article – “Tin Man Games is bringing its range of interactive fantasy gamebooks to the iPad, with a wealth of updates and tweaks to make use of the tablet’s unique strengths.”

Touch Arcade article – “Fans of interactive fiction have a lot to look forward to, and I can hardly wait for the iPad version of these games. Gamebook Adventures 2: The Siege of the Necromancer started beta testing earlier this month, and the third installment, as well as the iPad games are all still in development.”

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  1. Am waiting for the iPad version to be released to get my first taste of this, but it looks to take me back to my glory days of gaming, and for that I cannot wait!