It’s been an interesting couple of weeks since we released GA3 as well as our iPhone 4 updated versions of GA1 and GA2. Not only have we had a fantastic response from our fans about GA3, but we’ve also gained some new readers in the process too. It was quite an effort to get all three GA titles up to release quality for iPhone 4 but we’re really pleased we put the effort in as it has paid off, not only for us but also for everyone that purchased our gamebooks. I wanted to detail some of things that no doubt helped us achieve visibility over the last couple of weeks.

The Apple Effect…

We’re over the moon with the response from Apple with regards to promoting all three gamebooks across the various parts of the App Store, most notably appearing on the front page in the “New & Noteworthy” section in the U.S and Canada! Marketing and promotion of games is at a premium on the App Store, so to appear on the front page in probably the biggest Apple sales region in the world was a big coup for us. We did see a large rise in sales for a few days because of this and while we’re still a way off making Gamebook Adventures a completely sustainable venture, it certainly put our brand in front of a lot more people, even if they chose not to buy it. At least Gamebook Adventures is now somewhat recognisable!

Even though we have now disappeared from N&N this week, we are still hovering around in other categories. GA3 is currently sat in “What’s Hot”, with GA1 also featuring in “What We’re Playing” on the U.S App Store. GA2 is also found in the “Best Role-Playing Games” on various stores. This kind of visibility is priceless.

Games sites and their influence…

Another way we have been getting visibility is the coverage we have received on sites such as Touch Arcade and Pocket Gamer, who have the most influence over iPhone gamers. TA in particular have featured GA on their front page a number of times along with Fighting Fantasy. For the release of GA3 though, TA ran a story on us – just us! This was great for us a generated much interest not only on that article but within the forums too. To see the article click here.

Important coverage closer to home…

International promotion for your game is vitally important, but as an indie developer it’s also important to get coverage on your own doorstep. We were contacted by The Age, a major newspaper here in Melbourne about doing an interview for their online games blog called Screen Play. We obviously jumped at the chance and really enjoyed the experience. The article was a big success and perfectly captured our passion and intentions for the GA series and gave some sneaky hints to its future too! To read the article brilliantly titled, “”The heart of the Tin Man”, click here.

It’s becoming very apparent to us what we need to do to make sure that we keep Gamebook Adventures going strong. It’s been a big learning curve over the last 18 months or so but we do finally feel like we are understanding the process of marketing our titles and making an impact on the App Store, even though we are still essentially a niche product.

So, a big thank you to anyone that promotes the series in the media and a big thank you if you’ve bought any of our gamebooks. Your support is vital. We hope you enjoy Gamebook Adventures and we hope to have more great interactive stories for you to enjoy in the coming months and years. The Tin Man.

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  1. Congrats guys! It’s fantastic that Gamebook Adventures are getting the press they deserve.

  2. Well, no matter how good or how bad the sales figures are at the moment, it must feel great for you to produce Gamebooks of such stellar quality. There is nothing else in this category of comparable quality in the App Store.

    And At some point one would think that this series might really catch on. There are going to be huge amounts of iPads and iPod Touches sold this holiday season, to add to the already more than 120 million iOS devices out there. I hope that you continue to produce new Gamebooks beyond the 3 already released and the 4th that was just announced. Sooner or later this series is going to really catch fire. Congrats on a phenomenal product!

  3. Thanks for the words of support guys! It means a lot to us. 🙂