As posted on Touch Arcade yesterday, here are some of the latest screenshots from Gamebook Adventures 4: Revenant Rising!

As you’ll notice we’ve gone for a completely different art style with Revenant Rising, employing the talents of Kyle Ferrin, an RPG addict and huge D&D fan. We think his artwork compliments a great adventure which takes the reader on an epic journey with more than a few scenarios that won’t be completely unfamiliar if  you are of the D&D persuasion yourself! You’ll hear a lot more from author, Kieran Coghlan and Kyle in the coming weeks as we get ready to unleash GA4 on an iPhone and iPod Touch near you!

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  1. What about the promised ipad versions of the games?

    I can’t wait to play the GA books on my ipad.

  2. They’re coming! Expect some exciting news in a few weeks!

  3. Looking awesome!