Tin Man Games is a game developer in Melbourne, Australia. Specializing in digital gamebooks – interactive fiction/RPG style games where you control the story – Tin Man has worked on many different games. Notables include Tin Man’s own Gamebook Adventures series, 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd, and the immensely popular Fighting Fantasy series by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson.

The Tin Men

Neil Rennison (Creative Director) is the original founder of Tin Man Games and has worked in the games industry for over 13 years. Coming from a background in product design, Neil first started out as a 3D modeller and got his first games industry break working with Razorworks in the UK on a series of racing games. Working as a freelancer for a number of years, Neil then started Fraction Studios, a game art outsourcing and contracting specialist. Fraction specialised in handheld and low-end console art asset modelling and texturing, with specialisms in designing robust art pipelines for developers.  They worked on numerous high profile titles including the Need For Speed series, Nascar series, Sims series and the Tiger Woods series for a variety of platforms including iPhone, DS, PSP, and Wii. Fraction closed its doors in 2011 so that Neil could concentrate fully on Tin Man Games and Gamebook Adventures. Neil  has had a number of articles published in 3D World magazine & PC Format, has dabbled in university lecturing and has given talks at gaming conventions and IGDA gatherings.  To date, he has worked on over 30 published games.

Neil’s LinkedIn Profile

Ben Britten Smith (Technical Director) has coded professionally for over 16 years.  He previously worked in the film industry where he won an Academy Award for Technical Achievement working on suspended 3D camera systems working on films such as Spiderman, Superman Returns, Terminator 3, Mission Impossible 3 to name but a few.  A number of years ago he shifted from films to games. Ben developed a number of iOS titles before officially joining Tin Man Games, where he handles the technical side of Gamebook Adventures. Ben a well known expert in Unity3D and has been coding with it for over fiveyears, finally transitioning Gamebook Adventures over to Unity for Android and Desktop. Ben has given many presentations over the years and recently wrote a chapter on Unity3d for iPhone for the book “More iPhone Cool Projects”.

Ben’s LinkedIn Profile

The Tin Minions

Tin Man Games couldn’t be who we are today without the help of these many fine, hardworking people:

Clinton Shepherd (Gamebook Technician/Programmer)

Ben Kosmina (Gamebook Technician/Producer)

Kamina Vincent (Editor/Logic Wrangler)

Andrew Drage (Writer, Editor)

Dan Maxwell (Illustrator, User-interface artist)

Joshua Wright (Illustrator, User-interface artist)

Miellyn Fitzwater-Barrows (Writer, Producer)

Adrian Watkins (Musician)

Jonathan Green (Writer)

Ariel Magnes (Editor)

Kenny Gonzales (Editor)

Pirkka Harvala (Illustrator)

Kyle Ferrin (Illustrator)

Nick Robinson (Writer)

S.P. Osborne (Writer)

Michael McDonald (Animator)

Alex Drummond (Illustrator)

Gaetano Abbondanza (Writer)

Kieran Coghlin (Writer)

Andrew Wright (Writer)

Al Sander (Writer)

Leena Van Deventer (Writer, Editor)

German Ponce (Illustrator)

Ryan Grogan (Musician)

Ashleigh Beevers (Animator, Illustrator)

Stewart Kenneth Moore (Illustrator)

Hannah Bunce (Editor)

Romuald Finet (French Translation)

Rob Melotti (Editor)




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