Tin Man Games is a developer specializing in digital gamebooks – interactive fiction/RPG style games where you control the story.


Early history

In late 2009, Neil Rennison got in touch with Ben Britten. They met in a bar and decided to make gamebooks for iOS. Their first title, An Assassin in Orlandes, was released in March 2010. The next five titles in the Gamebook Adventures series released over the following 18 months.

After that

Tin Man continued with a strong release schedule, and at GCAP 2011 made the announcement that they had secured the rights to 2000AD's Judge Dredd for the upcoming Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106. This followed on in August 2012 when Tin Man was able to able to announce that they were working with Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson to produce titles in the beloved Fighting Fantasy series.


Continuing to work with Steve and Ian on Fighting Fantasy, as well as Tin Man's own gamebooks, the company has experimented with the style in the dynamic, comic-styled Appointment With FEAR. They have also worked with Ryan North on developing a digital version of To Be or Not To Be, a choosable-path adventure version of Shakespeare's Hamlet.



To Be or Not To Be Trailer YouTube

Appointment With FEAR Trailer YouTube

Gamebook Adventures: Curse of the Assassin Trailer YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Studio of the Year - Finalist" - Australian Game Developer Awards 2014
  • "Appointment With FEAR, Accessibility Award - Winner" - Australian Game Developer Awards 2014
  • "Appointment With FEAR - Finalist" - Big Indie Pitch 2014
  • "Blood of the Zombies - Nominee, Best Adventure RPG Game." - Pocket Gamer Awards 2013
  • "Temple of the Spider God - Nominee, Best Adventure RPG Game." - Pocket Gamer Awards 2012

Selected Articles

  • "My other recommendation is to think long-term. Think beyond that one game idea and look at the bigger picture."
    - Neil Rennison, Talk Indie Games Interivew
  • "In developing gamebooks, there is literally no ceiling on creativity because the world you create is mostly shown in words."
    - Neil Rennison, Grab It Magazine Interview
  • "Britten also offered a counter-intuitive thought, one that had popped up repeatedly over the course of the Freeplay weekend, but which hadn't been expressed with such simple enthusiasm previously: "Failure is awesome!""
    - Saul Alexander, Gamasutra

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Neil Rennison
Co-Founder, Creative Director

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