Tin Man Games
Based in Melbourne, Australia

Release date:
26 November, 2015

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What if the sun inexplicably vanished only to return hours later? Investigate with your digital companion, Moti. Uncover conspiracies. Discover ancient religions. Travel the globe. Find out who is murdering scientists and what this has to do with the random disappearances of the sun. This is your journey, and only your choices can expose the truth.


Neil Rennison, creative director of Tin Man Games said: “We’re really excited about Choices. To our knowledge, this business model hasn’t been attempted before in IF-based apps and we wanted to make our interactive stories reminiscent of the way comic books are delivered on a regular basis.” Form connections with your digital companion, Moti, and also the characters that might meet during your travels. Neil Rennison continued: “The team has become very fond of Moti and we want players to form that emotional bond too. While being incredibly clever, Moti is also vulnerable and a little naïve in some situations. While looking to give you advice, Moti also calls you ‘Teacher’, learning from your decisions, rightly or wrongly.”


  • An epic story which regularly updates. Who knows when you’ll see it all?
  • No instant deaths – but that doesn’t mean your journey will be without peril.
  • Choose to have your AI companion, Moti, appear directly on your Apple Watch.
  • See how many fellow adventurers ended up at the same location when each story arc ends.


There are currently no trailers available for Choices: And the Sun Went Out. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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About Tin Man Games

Tin Man Games is a game development studio in Melbourne, Australia. Specializing in adventure games and digital gamebooks – Tin Man has developed and published over 35 titles across on a large number of handheld devices and computers.

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Choices: And the Sun Went Out Credits

Neil Rennison
Creative Director, Tin Man Games

Ben Kosmina
Producer, Tin Man Games

KG Tan
Programmer, Tin Man Games

Alyce Potter
Writer, Freelancer

KG Tan
Writer, Tin Man Games

Ben Kosmina
Writer, Tin Man Games

Neil Rennison
Writer, Tin Man Games

Kamina Vincent
Community Manager, Tin Man Games

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