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24 October, 2014

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Deep within the Crystal Caves of Icefinger Mountains, the dreaded Snow Witch is plotting to bring on a new ice age. A brave trapper dies in your arms and lays the burden of his mission on your shoulders. But time is running out – will YOU take up the challenge? An original fantasy adventure in which YOU are the hero, from Ian Livingstone and Tin Man Games.


Originally written by Ian Livingstone in 1984, Caverns of the Snow Witch celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2014. The ninth book in the Fighting Fantasy series, it expands upon the original version published in WARLOCK magazine, taking you beyond the Crystal Caves. In celebration of the 30th anniversary, all-new colour artwork by a variety of artists has been included.


  • Make the gamebook as easy or hard as you like and even turn on a special cheat mode to read it old-school!
  • Atmospheric new visuals which can be turned off to make the gamebook look like it came off the printing press in the 80s!
  • Les Edwards’ famous cover brought to life.
  • Gary Ward and Edward Crosby’s classic illustrations included along with new, full color illustrations specifically for this edition!
  • Achievements to find throughout the gamebook.


There are currently no trailers available for Caverns of the Snow Witch. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (8MB)

download logo files as .zip (5MB)

Selected Articles

  • "All in all, it's a very solid gamebook, and if you've enjoyed any of Tin Man's other conversions of Livingstone's work, it's a journey worth embarking on."
    - Shaun Musgrave, Touch Arcade
  • "It’s nostalgic yet offers features that we all wished we had back in the day, like fast dice. That’s a great combination that easily continues Tin Man Games’s reign as a fine purveyor of classic adventure game books."
    - Jennifer Allen, 148 Apps

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Tin Man Games is a developer specializing in digital gamebooks – interactive fiction/RPG style games where you control the story.

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Caverns of the Snow Witch Credits

Ian Livingstone
Author, Fighting Fantasy Co-Creator

Steve Jackson
Fighting Fantasy Co-Creator

Neil Rennison
Creative Director, Tin Man Games

Ben Britten
Technical Director, Tin Man Games

Ben Kosmina
Producer, Tin Man Games

Clinton Shepherd
Programmer, Tin Man Games

Kamina Vincent
Community Manager, QA Lead, Tin Man Games

Pirkka Harvala
Artist, Freelancer

Josh Wright
Artist, Freelancer

Simon Lissaman
Artist, Freelancer

John Stone
Artist, Freelancer

Leonardo Meschini
Artist, Freelancer

Dan Angelone
Artist, Freelancer

Ben Ee
Artist, Freelancer

Adrian Watkins
Musician, Freelancer

Adam 'elroy' Mazzitelli
UI Designer, Freelancer

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