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27 October, 2011

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Cesaro Cortez, a famed explorer-conquistador, set out three years ago on his last great expedition. His ships never returned to an Orlandrian port and he was feared lost until a mysterious cargo appeared recently in Miramar. The nature of this cargo will put Orlandes in jeopardy, sending you on an epic journey to find Cortez, save the country and face your darkest fear!


For the seventh book in the Gamebook Adventures series, Tin Man Games worked with Jonathan Green to write an all-new adventure: Temple of the Spider God. Green, who had previously written many popular gamebooks, including the Fighting Fantasy titles Bloodbones and Howl of the Werewolf. Spider God features a new Phobia mechanic where you must test your fear! It also includes full-colour artwork from artist Josh Wright.


  • Read the story and dictate the direction of the story! Options based on who you have met, where you have visited and what you have found.
  • Includes all the interactive reading and gameplay features found in the previous Gamebook Adventures titles.
  • Read the book casually by being able to move around freely or crank up the difficulty and be a hardcore gamebook player.
  • Unique Phobia mechanic! Conquer your fears as you encounter terrifying situations.
  • New, full colour artwork by Josh Wright and music by Adrian Watkins to accompany the interactive story.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "WINNER - Silver Award" Pocket Gamer, 8 November, 2012
  • "2ND PLACE" Best App Ever Awards 2011
  • "NOMINEE - Best Adventure/RPG Game" Pocket Gamer Awards, 2012

Selected Articles

  • "A splendidly written interactive fantasy story that, unlucky dice rolls aside, will keep you hooked until the very end."
    - Chris Schilling, Pocket Gamer
  • "...the penmanship of Green makes for an adventure that is far more interesting to read though, which does mean it’s far more interesting to play through multiple times."
    - , Digitally Downloaded
  • "Temple of the Spider God is well-crafted, thrilling and intelligent, with more than enough content and alternative choices to keep you occupied for weeks, and the obvious amount of care and attention invested in its creation makes it an essential purchase for the lone adventurer."
    - , dialaphone

About Tin Man Games

Tin Man Games is a developer specializing in digital gamebooks – interactive fiction/RPG style games where you control the story.

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Gamebook Adventures 7: Temple of the Spider God Credits

Jonathan Green
Author, Freelancer

Neil Rennison
Creative Director, Tin Man Games

Ben Britten
Technical Director, Tin Man Games

Adrian Watkins
Musician, Freelancer

Josh Wright
Artist and UI Artist, Freelancer

Dan Maxwell
Cover Artist, Freelancer

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