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Release date:
4 February, 2015

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William Shakespeare's Hamlet has finally been restored to its original second-person non-linear branching narrative format. I know! What took so long, am I right? Now it's up to YOU to decide what happens next. Play as Hamlet and revenge your father's death. Play as Ophelia and make scientific discoveries. Play as King Hamlet, Sr. and die on the first page!


The original print version of To Be Or Not To Be was a huge Kickstarter success (even causing Ryan to LITERALLY EXPLODE), reaching an incredible $580,000 of its requested $20,000 goal. This was helped by the fact that Ryan enlisted a crack team of the coolest and most attractive artists of our time. These include the talents of Kate Beaton (Hark! A Vagrant), Anthony Clark (Nedroid), Mike Krahulik (Penny Arcade), Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal), Ethan Nicolle (Axe Cop), Andrew Hussie (MS Paint Adventures), Zach Weiner (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) and plenty more!


  • Tiny Yorick skulls mark the choices Shakespeare took in his play!
  • Play as Hamlet, Ophelia, and Hamlet Sr., each with their own unique adventures.
  • Learn things, like the meaning of the word 'pernicious' and the origin of the phrase 'Till death us do part'!
  • Sensibly bring evil King Claudius to justice in a court of law! Or, stuff him into a cannon and then fire him into a wall! IT’S UP TO YOU.
  • Listen to the narration for an ALMOST HANDS FREE experience!


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Selected Articles

  • "...irreverent, full of jokes and digressions and profoundly silly plot twists..."
    - Alison Hallett, Slate
  • "...an idea that is, by most conventional literary standards, terrible, but pushed so far past terrible that it wraps around like a comet slingshotting around the sun and comes back as utterly brilliant."
    - Lev Grossman, Time

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Tin Man Games is a game development studio in Melbourne, Australia. Specializing in adventure games and digital gamebooks – Tin Man has developed and published over 35 titles across on a large number of handheld devices and computers.

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To Be or Not To Be Credits

Ryan North

Neil Rennison
Creative Director, Tin Man Games

Ben Britten
Technical Director, Tin Man Games

Clinton Shepherd
Lead Programmer, Tin Man Games

Ben Kosmina
Producer, Editor, Tin Man Games

Kamina Vincent
Community Manager, QA Lead, Tin Man Games

Scott Bartlett
UI Artist, Freelancer

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