Everyday I take ten minutes or so out of my time to scan the interwebz to see who is chatting about Gamebook Adventures. It’s a great way to uncover blog or forum posts and reviews that have gone under the radar. So when I saw a Pocket Gamer article pop up with us mentioned on it, I was curious and clicked through thinking it was perhaps a link to an old article they had covered about us that was somehow linked elsewhere.

The next thing I see is a list of 10 nominees for the Best Handheld Adventure/RPG Game of 2012 and Temple of the Spider God was included! Not only that, but we were one of only 4 iOS titles to be included next to the likes of Machinarium and Sid Meier’s Pirates. Great titles certainly and a privilege to have been chosen out of so many great iOS RPGs, but then with a closer look I saw Pokemon, Dead Space and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on 3DS, arguable one of the finest adventure games ever!! Err… what? Surely not! I was sat in a coffee shop at the time when this tidal wave of news crashed over me and I spat my coffee out on to my iPhone.

I have a bit of an affinity with Ocarina as, along with Mario Kart, was one of the main conversations I had with my Wife on one of our early dates 10 years ago. She used to play it a lot with her housemates back in her University days and had a cute way of saying “Hey, Listen”. I’d never played it (shameful I know) so bought an N64 with a copy and proceeded to fall in love with it too. Anyway, to get around to my point, it is an absolute honour to be included in this list as every single one of those games is amazing.

Incredibly humbling.

– Neil

Link to Pocket Gamer Awards 2012 page

Link to Pocket Gamer’s review of Temple of the Spider God (Silver Award)

P.S. A huge congrats too to the wonderful author of Temple of the Spider God, Jonathan Green. It wouldn’t exist without his amazing story!

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  1. Thank you very much! Exciting news indeed.

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