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Finally I can type the three letters, GDC without feeling pangs of jealousy as it’s now over and all our dev friends have returned back home from their epic journey. Sadly neither Ben or myself could make it this year, which was especially frustrating as we had an invite to the Pocket Gamer Awards Party that we couldn’t make use of. So last Tuesday night, Brad Giblin from Film Victoria put on his partying shoes and went along on our behalf to see if our 7th gamebook app, Temple of the Spider God, which was up for Best RPG, could bring the accolades back down-under. We were up against some pretty stiff opposition (see previous blog post) and to be honest it was great to simply get a nomination amongst such distinguised titles. It was no surprise then to wake up on Wednesday morning and read the following tweet from Brad:

 So @TinManGames didn’t win the @PocketGamer award. They lost to a little production called Zelda. It took ZELDA to beat them!

So we were pipped to the post by a certain elf, dressed in green, but I do not begrudge the long-eared hero as we go way back. He deserved it… but we’ll have him next time! 😉

– Neil

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