Choices That Matter

Choices That Matter is a collection of epic text adventure games, similar to the classic Choose Your Path Adventure books.The interactive stories consist of between 300k and 600k words, giving the player between 1500 and 2400 narrative choices per adventure. No one player can discover the entire story in a single play through, and players can gauge their progress against other readers at the end of each story arc.

On mobile platforms these adventures are collected in a free-to-play app where players can use “choice tokens” to make narrative choices. On PC and Nintendo Switch, each story is sold separately.


What if the sun inexplicably vanished only to return hours later? Investigate with your AI companion, Moti. Uncover conspiracies. Discover ancient religions. Travel the globe. Find out who is murdering scientists and what this has to do with the random disappearances of the sun. This is your journey, and only your choices can expose the truth.



But what if there is a dark side to your gift? What if there are those who can pervert your talent, and alter the balance of life and death? Travel across a steampunk 1830s Europe, where metal is magical, giving powers to those who wear it. Learn more about your ancient gift and what it means for you, your family, and humanity. Uncover the nefarious plot to destroy all life… and fight against time to stop your enemy from destroying everything you hold dear.



You wake up in a dirty prison cell with no memory of who you are. And, you’re not alone. Who are the other prisoners? What are they to you? Are they your allies… or enemies? Will you escape? Try to find out who you are? Why did the people who captured you steal your memories—instead of just killing you? Travel the world as you uncover the details of a past that holds many secrets, and a future that is in peril.