Fighting Fantasy Classics

Fighting Fantasy Classics is a library app from Tin Man Games that collects together all your favourite Fighting Fantasy gamebooks from the 1980s to more recent modern-day releases! You can read and play them as amazing new digital editions on your smart phone, tablet or via PC and Mac!

  • All your favourite Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone Fighting Fantasy gamebooks collected in one library!
  • Buy, read and play The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The Citadel of Chaos, The Forest of Doom, City of Thieves, Caverns of the Snow Witch and Island of the Lizard King!
  • Bloodbones, written by Jonathan Green, available to read and play for FREE!
  • 3D physics based dice-rolling and auto-fill Adventure Sheet to track your stats and inventory!
  • Where possible Tin Man Games have licensed the original artwork from the original paperback editions!