Tin Man Games was able to come into existence because of the rise of the iPhone and the ease at which indies like us could create games and get them distributed world wide. However, we have always been looking to other platforms as well. While we love our iDevices, we know it isn’t the only platform in town.

At both PAXEast and PAXPrime this year we got a lot of great feedback, and one of the most common questions was: when will it be available for Android?

Well, we are still a tiny company and our development resources are still pretty thin. So, when we got so much interest at PAXEast in March, we started looking into funding options to help us make the move to Android.

Luckily for us, we are based in Victoria, Australia, and the government programs here are quite friendly to small game developers. We are lucky to be the recipients of some funding as part of the 2011 Digital Media Investment funding round from Film Victoria.

All of that was being finalized right around the time we were at PAXPrime in Seattle. And now I am happy to say that all of the paperwork has been sorted out and I started work right after we submitted Spider God a few weeks ago.

We are using Unity3D to do the port, this will allow us to deploy to Android (and hopefully to a broad selection of android hardware) as well as to Mac and PC desktops and perhaps even some sort of web presence as well.

So here is a quick sneak peek at the very first screenshot of GA1 running in the Unity3d editor.

This is just the main menu, so I don’t want anyone thinking that it is almost done or anything 🙂 I have stubbed out the main interface pieces, but it will probably be another month before there is anything that could be considered ‘playable’ and another month after that before our internal QA will start to get to play with it.

We are looking at a 5 or 6 month total development time before GA1 can be released (with the others to follow quickly), and I will be posting more status updates as the time goes on.

We are getting pretty good at estimating sales and budgeting properly for our iOS apps, but we are venturing into uncharted territory on Android and the desktop, so it will be a new adventure for us! We are looking forward to getting GA on as many platforms as possible!


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