It’s now a done deal – we are now the official iOS and Android app developers for the Fighting Fantasy series! We proudly take over from the previous license holders, Big Blue Bubble, who did a marvellous job with The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Deathtrap Dungeon, The Citadel of Chaos, City of Thieves and Creatire of Havoc. The five apps were removed from the App Store today as their license came to an end, which means we are now in the driving seat for the series.

There’s been a fair bit of coverage about the license handover during the past few days on sites like Joystiq and TUAW, with a bit of speculation on which books we will be releasing. We’ve been a little quiet on that front as it’s been very important to us to respect BBB as license holders – they are a business after all and we think they are a bloody awesome development team too. We’ve been a big fan of their games such as Burn The Rope and Thumpies.

So what’s to come? Well I can confirm that we have four Fighting Fantasy gamebook apps in development, none of which have been released as apps before. The first, Blood of the Zombies, which was published a couple of weeks ago in paperback format by Wizard Books, will be released on iOS and Android sometime late in September. We were going to release it at the end of August, but we’ve decided to spend a bit more time refining it and making it the best it can possibly be. If you want a sneaky peek at the iPad version, we posted up an image in a previous blog post from one of Ian Livingstone’s presentations.

Our second release that was mentioned in our original BOTZ press release will be House of Hell, a firm favourite of ours. It’s almost a perfect companion gamebook for BOTZ and should get a release later in Oct/Nov. We are going to keep the next two releases under our hats for the moment, but we can reveal that one of them is an early Ian Livingstone classic and the other is a later Steve Jackson adventure that very much broke free of the traditional fantasy genre at the time. I’m sure the FF fans may hazard good guesses as to what they might be!

We’ve obviously had a lot of questions directed at us about the original iOS apps and whether we will be re-releasing them in some fashion. Well, we can also confirm that we will be doing so at some point, which will come as great news to Android based FF fans, who never got a chance to play the BBB apps. We’re not too sure how or when we’ll be doing that yet and want to solely focus on releasing these first four titles and making them the very best they can be. Expect full universal apps that take full advantage of the different platforms, awesome new artwork as well as old, newly composed soundtracks and the classic book and dice rolling that our fans have come to know from Gamebook Adventures.

It’s now time to make our mark on Fighting Fantasy’s history…Tin Man Games style! ­čśÇ


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  1. House of Hell was definitely my favourite FF book as a kid so looking forward to that!

    I really hope the design presentation of the FF app series will be updated now TMG’s developing them as I didn’t feel the graphics did the game justice. There were far too many inconsistencies regarding style and missed opportunities. The opening title pages felt very ‘Amstrad’ 80s game’ (and not in good retro way), several buttons, items and the dice had a glossy, shiny, unfortunately slightly tacky feel to them, it would be great to unify everything so it feels like old antiquated objects found in some dusty wooden chest, it would really help immerse the player in the game. Touches like a slight flickering/candle light effect on the pages would also add to the experience… I’m only adding my two cents as its a great book series and think they deserve the best!

    Hope to see Forest of Doom, Trial of the Champions, Island of the Lizard King and Freeway Fighter on the app store soon!

  2. Freeway Fighter and Deathtrap Dungeon. Awesomeness. I’m putting a request in right now for Scorpion Swamp. The replayability of that is well suited to a digitised adventure.

  3. Sorcery!

  4. I’m afraid we don’t have access to the Sorcery! license. ­čÖü

  5. […] There are a couple of additions with this book that are worth mentioning. For one, you get to find out more about Ian Livingstone and what he did for role-playing and gaming in general, which I really appreciated. Secondly, this book comes with three character sheets, instead of just the one. I would have likes a link printed in the book to a download of the character sheet, that would have been nice to have. Lastly, the book will be available as an app for your iOS or Android device thanks to Tin Man Games. […]

  6. Awesome new guys. I had every single one of the books as a kid. The Port Blacksand ones were the best for me – City of Thieves especially.

    I think one of the things which needs to brought through is the way a lot of the books relate to each other – the main players are well characterised and are referred to in many books. It really was about creating a universe rather than 30 unrelated books. Perhaps have in game options to expand to a new adventure via pay $ to open up a new quest depending on where the person is?

    btw – You have also been profiled on the BBC at this link – http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-19297227

    Anyway – great work and lastly just remember that imagination is better than anything that can be displayed on a 4 inch mobile screen.

    I am really looking forward to it!

  7. Thanks for your message Tom. Yes, we know all about the BBC article, which we’re very excited about! We won’t be doing any kind of in-app purchase system at the moment and will be creating the apps based on each book seperately. We never say never though, so we’ll see how the first few releases go as standard paid for apps first and then see what the future holds. Hope you enjoy revisiting Port Blacksand again in the future, in app form!

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  9. Great news!

    Is there any chance for a Desura release?

  10. Sadly not. We’re only contracted to do iOS and Android versions.

  11. Massive fan of this series since the 80s! Please do a Windows Phone or XBLA version one day.

  12. Hi there! Thanks for the message. We won’t be bringing these gamebooks to XBLA sadly and at this stage unlikely to hit Windows Phone either (although that could change). I hope you get to play them on some other device! Cheers, Neil.