SpiderGodBetaTestWith Gamebook Adventures 8: Curse of the Assassin due for release at any time we thought it would be nice to share some news about what is in store for Orlandes and the Gamebook Adventures series.

Coming next year are another five titles, most of which have been in development for some time now but were put on hold in the middle of last year when we signed the Fighting Fantasy license . We are now pleased to be able to share with you four of the next five Gamebook Adventures releases for iOS and Android!

Gamebook Adventures 9 – Sultans of Rema

Writer: Gaetano Abbondanza (Slaves of Rema)

Illustrator: Joshua Wright (Temple of the Spider God, Infinite Universe) – www.heliocentric.com.au

Details: See this blog post and this blog post.

Estimated Release Date: Jan 2014

Gamebook Adventures 10 – Lords of Nurroth

Writer: Dylan Birtolo – www.dylanbirtolo.com

Illustrator: Simon Lissaman – www.simon-lissaman.com

Details: We first met Dylan Birtolo at PAX Prime in 2011 and recognising his talent and writing pedigree offered him the chance to pen a GA title! As the title suggests, this gamebook takes place in the city of Nurroth, just north of Orlandes City. You play a thief who has stolen something that you shouldn’t have. The Nurrothian Lords are on your trail and you get caught in a political tangle between Nurroth and Falavia. The events that followed the ending of Revenant Rising are also still reverberating! Bringing the words visually to life is another GA newcomer, Simon Lissaman, a well known Australian illustrator who is also working with us on Fighting Fantasy: Starship Traveller and our conversion of Sagas of the Demonspawn.

Estimated Release Date: March/April 2014

Gamebook Adventures 11 – Awakening of Asuria

Writer: Stuart Lloyd – www.lloydofgamebooks.com

Illustrator: Tony Hough – www.tonyhough.co.uk

Details: Long-time friend of Tin Man Games, Stuart Lloyd, has an extensive knowledge of gamebook design and history. If you don’t already read his blog then you really should! Not only does Stuart know a gamebook or two but he also knows how to write great interactive fiction too (he won the 2010 Windhammer Prize). Our 11th GA title takes place in the remote Orlandrian coastal town of Casporur, home to the Children of Asuria, giant statues that rise out of the ocean. Something is amiss – the emissary from Orlandes City has been sending messages which are growing more and more alarming – they talk of tremors and civil unrest.  When the emissary goes missing it’s your job to investigate the disappearance. Joining Stuart is Tony Hough, notable Fighting Fantasy illustrator (and illustrator for our upcoming The Forgotten Spell), who brings his unique art style to this slightly alien adventure!

Estimated Release Date: Early Summer 2014

Gamebook Adventures 12 – Voices of the Mystics

Writer: Kieran Coghlan (Revenant Rising)

Illustrator: Pirkka Harvala (An Assassin in Orlandes, Catacombs of the Undercity, Curse of the Assassin)www.pirkkaharvala.fi

Details: Kieran’s first GA title, Revenant Rising, was an adaptation of one of his previous online works. This time we’ve managed to secure him to write a brand new gamebook exclusive for us! Kieran’s new gamebook takes place on Isla des Misticos and involves a strange group called the Mystics. You are the daughter of the Earth Queen, leader of the Mystics, and find yourself in dire peril from the outset. As you uncover a plot to end your life, you also discover new magical abilities through the power of songs. We are over the moon that Pirkka Harvala is back once more to visually craft the inhabitants of Isla des Misticos!

Estimated Release Date: Late Summer 2014

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