Temple of the Spider God has finally been submitted to Apple! It’s all taken rather longer to finish this baby than we previously anticipated mainly due to a raft of core tech changes behind the scenes. We felt we needed to give it as much love as possible, so that the build was as solid as it could be.

As a regular Gamebook Adventures reader, you probably won’t notice too much difference to how our gamebooks work, but the tech evolution that has taken place over the last four or five months means that we now have a lot more flexibility in the way we can design gamebooks in the future. This will become more apparent with our second generation gamebooks (as we call them) and will mean we can implement *almost* anything into our gamebook system. So if you’ve ever played a gamebook series and enjoyed the game mechanics, we could more than likely re-create those mechanics easier than before. This flexibility will stand us in good stead for the future especially when working with other gamebook writer’s/designer’s systems as well as converting *ahem* existing older systems.

We have a raft of exciting new announcements over the next few months and the first of these will appear on this blog in the coming days…

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