It’s been an amazing rollercoaster of a weekend releasing Temple of the Spider God, with some awesome highs and a few shitty lows too. All in all though it’s been yet another great learning experience into the rights and wrongs of releasing a new game title!


We received some great coverage on the release of Spider God last Friday, most of which can be found in our previous blog post. There were a lot of sites that picked up on our press release, which was great as it generated a good level of buzz to get us noticed on the app store.

In the last 24 hours we got an extra bonus as the whole of Gamebook Adventures were featured on Touch Arcade, arguably the best website for the latest iOS gaming news. They’ve covered us in the past when we first got going but we had received no coverage for our last three releases – so it was a lovely surprise to see that Eli Hodapp (who incidently we met at PAX East) had written us such a glowing recommendation of not just Spider God, but all of our titles. As an added bonus too, Spider God got its very first review on the great Digitally Downloaded site, receiving 4 out of 5 stars! Sadly they picked up on one of our bugs (see below) and even posted a screenshot of it, which isn’t ideal, but never-the-less it is still a glowing review. 😀


Considering Spider God is a tale about lots of nasty bugs, it seems ironic that the release of the game itself has also been a tale about lots of nasty bugs. On release of the game on Friday, reports were coming in of a couple of nasty iPad bugs which we wrote about here. One bug was that the dice turned transparent and the other one, which was sadly more critical meant that games were crashing when the inventory was being opened. Obviously we were disappointed so got on the case over the weekend, fixed them and sent an update to Apple. We even asked them for an expedited review, which they only do under special circumstances as we wanted our new players/readers to have a fully working version as soon as possible. Thankfully Apple came through and accepted the submission within 24 hours meaning that version 1.01 was out quickly. We were undertstandably quite chuffed, until new bug reports started trickling through…

In the rush to fix the iPad version, we made small change to the battle and skill rolling system that sadly then broke the iPhone and iPod Touch versions, meaning that players would need to roll twice which is bloody annoying. We didn’t test for this on the devices before submission and have learned a very harsh lesson. For a small team like us working across two timezones it can be hard to cover all the bases, but seriously this was a basic error and one we’ll try not to make again in the future! So the iPod Touch/iPhone bug has been fixed and 1.02 has been submitted to Apple. It’s unlikely that Apple will speed this one through though as we’ve already used our “get out of jail” card. Fingers crossed it would be too long!


Temple of the Spider God is now our most successful Gamebook Adventures release! We surged up the rankings, especially with our Halloween sale and reached the following positions:

  • #1 iPhone Dice Game in 5 countries including the UK
  • Made the Top #10 iPhone RPG Games chart in 8 countries including US and UK
  • Made the Top #5 iPad Dice Games chart in 31 countries including ten #1 spots
  • Made the Top #10 iPad RPG Games chart in 16 countries including US, UK, Canada and Australia
  • Got very close to breaking the Top 100 Games chart on both iPhone and iPad in the US and UK (This is amazing for a niche title!)


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