Some eagle-eyed bog readers may have noticed a piece of artwork appear in our recent video interview with Gamepron. Well, we can now reveal that image as well as two more additional pieces of artwork from the legendary gamebook illustrator, Mr. Gary Chalk!

Who these characters are and what their role is in the upcoming Gun Dogs digital gamebook will have to wait for now. In the meantime click on the images above and enjoy Gary’s detailed artwork. To find out more about Gun Dogs and Gary Chalk himself, see our previous blog post about them.

PLEASE NOTE: These are only work-in-progress sketches. The final images will be in colour and may differ slightly in the completed gamebook.

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  1. Fantastic, I love his stuff.

    I see a lot of Chalk in D.M. Cornish’s stuff. Are you guys familiar with his Monster Blood Tattoo series at all? Would make for a good setting.

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