In case you were thinking that we were taking a break after releasing Infinite Universe (which is free, go try it out!) we have actually been heads-down hard at work getting the gamebook engine working on Android.

We are very very close to our first open beta on Android. I am happy to say that I posted a quick tweet and facebook post asking for beta test volunteers and got double what I needed in just a few hours. Note to beta testers: Expect something early next week in your inboxes.

For those of you who are less geekily-inclined, the (poorly lit) image is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 and a Nexus One running Assassin in Orlandes! Woo!


Oh, wait. You wanted to know WHEN you should expect it? This is just a teaser! All I can say now is: sooon!

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  1. Not soon enough!
    Why won’t you take my money? /me throws $5 notes

  2. Going as fast as we can!! 🙂

  3. Can’t wait. Serious lack of gamebooks on Android, one thing I sorely miss since I switched from iOS.

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