Necromancing the DroidSo Neil was just at PAXEast, and I was just at Supanova Melbourne and we are both frantically working away at getting the Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 gamebook ready for you all to play.

On top of all that, we are also scrambling to get all of our books over to Android as quickly as we can so that our Android wielding fans can enjoy them as well. (note, if you have an Android device and had somehow not yet heard that we are on android, then go check us out on Google Play!)

Our faithful Tin Minion Clinton (aka @foolhardygames) has been slaving away on the Unity engine to get it ready not only for mac and pc but also so that we can get the rest of the books out to android ASAP. Assassin has been on Google play for a few weeks now and it has been going great guns! Tons of five star reviews and very few technical issues (thanks to our beta testers!).

Next up in the queue for Androidification is: The Siege of the Necromancer . It is coming along swimmingly! We are hoping to have it on the store in just a few short weeks, so keep an eye out for it!

UPDATE: It’s here!! Get it on Google Play now! (I will do a proper announcement post soon)

In similar news I managed to get my hands on a Barnes and Noble Nook Color and got our Gamebooks loaded onto it, and the results are very pleasing! We are in the process of sorting out all of the various paperwork required to be able to sell Gamebooks on the Nook store so if you are a nook owner and a gamebook fan, then begin rejoicing now!

UPDATED: To add: If you have a Kindle Fire and want to play Gamebook Adventures, it works like a dream on the Fire. Sadly there are some issues with the Amazon developer agreement not working very well with the royalty agreements we have with our authors and artists. We are trying to figure out a technical solution to this legal problem (it has to do with pricing, and Amazon is a bit picky about how they price things). So until we can sort that out, there is not a simple way to get Gamebook Adventures on your Fire. Far be it from me to suggest that you install the Google Play app on your Fire (which may or may not void your warranty) but I think that we have players who have successfully bought and installed the game from Google Play onto their Kindle Fire.

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  1. […] The great titles have been available on iOS for some time. Assassin in Orlandes has already been released on the Play Store, with the Siege of the Necromancer next up for “Androidification”. If you want to hear more straight from “the horse’s mouth” please have a look at the company blog here. […]

  2. Many thanks for the release!

  3. No Worries Pavel, stay tuned there are more coming soon!

  4. After finishing Assassin, I was happy to see Necromancer also available on Play! But it seems it was released a bit stealthily — what’s the best way to receive announcements as the rest of the books get converted so I can snatch ’em up right away?

    Thanks for reviving a fun part of my childhood and making it very twenty-first century in the process!

  5. Hi there! Thanks for your very kind comments. We’re actually planning on creating a newsletter for our fans so you will be emailed with the latest news! We hope you continue to enjoy the series – look out for a major announcement this week.

  6. This thread was the motivation I needed to finalize the newsletter signup form. There is a small form in the sidebar to the right now, or you can go to the page linked at the top, or just go here: http://tinmangames.com.au/blog/?page_id=2258

    Hopefully we will have our first newsletter out in time for the UK Games Expo 🙂