So the Zombies have been unleashed for nearly 6 days now and it seems they’re causing quite a bit of mayhem across the interwebz. The reviews have been drifting in and most of them are declaring Blood of the Zombies as our best digital gamebook yet! The major highlights include a 9 out of 10 from Pocket Gamer, accompanied by a GOLD AWARD as well as a fine 4.5 out of 5 from Gamezebo and an 8 out of 10 from Starburst Magazine! (update: Also a 148Apps Editor’s Choice!)

We’ve also had a fantastic set of Google Play and App Store reviews too, with over 95% of them scoring 5 stars (at time of typing)! We have been completely humbled by your messages of support and love of Ian Livingstone’s awesome new Fighting Fantasy gamebook on digital devices. We also had a first for Tin Man Games too, reaching the No.1 spot on the UK iPad RPG chart for a few hours on Friday. So a huge thank you to all our fans in the UK and to anyone around the world that has bought Blood of the Zombies!

Below is a compilation of all of our web coverage so far and we’ll be updating it as more comes in!


Pocket Gamer Review“Blood of the Zombies is a hugely enjoyable, brilliantly presented, hilariously violent romp. If this is your first gamebook or your 30th, you’re going to have a whale of a time.” – 9 out of 10! – GOLD AWARD!

Gamezebo Review – “…its speedy combat and inbuilt adversity make it a great candidate for the app treatment. A skilled app designer and an experienced author have collaborated and managed the rare feat of creating something greater than the sum of their individual talents.” – 4.5 out of 5!

Starburst Review – “Ultimately, fans of the old stories should enjoy Blood of the Zombies. It delivers an authentic Fighting Fantasy experience while updating the gameplay and style in its own way. ” – 8 out of 10!

Tapsauce Review – “Easily one of the best of Tin Man Games’ stable.” – The Final Grade: A

148 Apps– “…for those looking for an interesting storyline and a delightful walk down memory lane, it’s a sterling effort and one that very much deserves its asking price. I’m already looking forward to other Fighting Fantasy/Tin Man Games collaborations.” – 4.5 out of 5! – EDITOR’S CHOICE!

Touch Arcade Review – “Beautifully presented, a little campy but oh-so-worth that walk down memory lane, Blood of the Zombies will not go amiss in your library of interactive iOS-based tales.” – 4 out of 5!

Trollish Delver Review – “Blood of the Zombies brings the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks lumbering and groaning into the internet generation and with its simple mechanics that work well in app form. It’s a fantastic game that presents a fun story, great art and a tonne of re-playability making this a hugely successful first outing for Tin Man and Fighting Fantasy.” – 5 out of 5!

Press2Reset Review – “Between Tin Man Games and Ian Livingstone, Fighting Fantasy: Blood of the Zombies brings digital gamebooks to a whole new level. With the automated game system, the newly colored illustrations, and the additional music and sound effects, this is one gamebook you need to immerse yourself in. This debut of Fighting Fantasy onto digital devices has the gamebook future looking bright.” – 9 out of 10!

Giant Fire Breathing Robot – “Go buy this game. It’s an almost perfect addition to the Fighting Fantasy series, and I can’t wait to see more like it. It’s brutal, unforgiving, and almost certainly more difficult than most games you’ve played lately. You need this game in your life.”

Board Game Geek Review – “It has their great level of polish and works well on all screen sizes. This is a spooky tale that is great for this Halloween season.” – 4 out of 5!

El Dink Review – “Everyone involved has excelled themselves. Tin Man created a beautiful app, and Livingstone has created one of the bloodiest, scariest adventures since House Of Hell. The Fighting Fantasy comeback starts right here.” – 5 stars!


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