…The Spellcaster Trilogy!

Around March of this year an email dropped in our inbox from an author called Louisa Dent Pearce. We get quite a few enquiries from authors who would like to work with us, but what made Louisa different was that she was already a gamebook writer. Not only that but she was a published gamebook writer! To top it all off we found out she only lived a few miles down the road in a Melbourne suburb. How our paths hadn’t crossed beforehand is anyone’s guess, but we quickly made up the time and took her up on the offer to digitally re-publish the Spellcaster Gamebooks!


Dare to open the pages of the Spellcaster Trilogy and you will be entering the strange and dangerous world of Suidemor, the evil city of the Faeries populated by magical fey who speak a language that is foreign to you and trade in crafts and magic of which you know nothing. Yet your quest would strike fear into the heart of even the best sorcerer—you must find the Forgotten Spell, a powerful enchantment which has been cast over the King of the Elder Fey to make him forget his true identity.

Now the city is in decay, ruled by his brother, the warlock Olcrada. All that stands in his way of taking the throne is you, a halven-fey (half faery, half mortal) with powers of magic that are yet untrained. With nothing but an elementary spell book and your luck and wit to protect you, you must search the city to find the spell and save the king. You will be called upon to use magic and solve the many puzzles that hide valuables and clues from ordinary eyes, and your courage and spell-casting ability will be tested against the myriad of evil foe that awaits you.

The first book in the trilogy, The Forgotten Spell,  was originally published by Wizard Books (publishers of Fighting Fantasy) in 2006 and built up a good fanbase – aimed at younger readers aged 8-12. Sadly gamebooks were on a little bit of a low ebb at the time and two follow-ups, The Gatekeeper’s Oath and The Castle of Suidemor were never released. It is our complete pleasure to bring this trilogy back to the fans in 2013 and complete the series! We really believe the time is right to return back to Suidemor, so keep an eye on the blog over the next few months.

For more information on the books themselves, you can visit Louisa’s website at www.louisadentpearce.com.au

We open door number 8 of  Twelve Days of Gamebooks tomorrow! Only 5 more doors to go.

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  1. I’m LOVING the 12 days of Christmas reveals. You’re are just nailing it with a diverse selection of gamebooks! The illustration for this is fantastic and I have to fistpump because of another female writer.

  2. At a guess I’d say you were deliberately trying to eat the entire news section of the next issue of “Fighting Fantazine”! 🙂 Keep up the sterling work.

  3. Excellent news. I was impressed by teh Forgotten Spell and was pretty disappointed that Wizard decided not to finish the series. Shall look forward to see how you’re going to handle spell use in app format.

  4. Once again I’m not familiar with this series, but so far everything I’ve read about in your 12 days blog posts has sounded pretty incredible.

  5. […] when we ran our Twelve Days of Gamebooks in December we mentioned an exciting collaboration with writer, Louisa Dent, in bringing her epic Spellcaster Trilogy to life as apps. As we mentioned […]