totc_logoTrial of the Clone, our iOS and Android app based on the wonderfully funny gamebook written by Zach Weinersmith and narrated by Wil Wheaton has been available on Google for a few weeks now as well as hitting the iOS App Store and Amazon App Store a week or so ago. In that time we’ve had a great response from our fans as well as fans who read Zach’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal webcomic! As is usual with a new release, we like to collate all the reviews and articles that have been published about the app from around the crazy interwebz.


Pocket Gamer – “A hilariously entertaining new addition to the gamebook genre, Trial of the Clone is a brilliant way to spend a rainy afternoon” – 8/10 – Silver Award!

148Apps – “I won’t dawdle with getting this out there: I love Trial of the Clone. It made me laugh numerous times and it made me want to replay it many, many times just so I could see how things could work out differently. It’s simply brilliant.” – 4.5/5 – Editor’s Choice!

Gamezebo – “If you like the sense of humour, you’ll find this absolutely hilarious. Lengthy, solid story with excellent replay value for a gamebook.” – 4.5/5

Boing Boing – “I’ve finally gotten around to reading my copy and it’s an absolute delight.” (review based on the paperback version)

Android Rundown – “Lots of varying play, cool media and a funny story.” – 8.5/10

Hardcore Droid – “…interactive fiction on the Android doesn’t get any better than this.” – 3/5

Just Press Start – “If I really wanted to be lazy, I could summarize my review for Tin Man Games’ newest app Trial of the Clone like this: Buy the damn thing- NOW.”

GeekDad – “This story touches so many GeekDad hotspots, there is a possibility that this post may self-implode in the awesomeness described here. Page after page, choice after choice, Trial of the Clone is very funny. The result is a glorious experience.”

Gamezone – “If you enjoyed these types of books from childhood, then you should definitely experience them in mobile-app form at least once. It’s a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.”

Digitally Downloaded – “Oh, and there’s an option to “Turn Wil Wheaton” on. Select it and the voice of Wesley Crusher will narrate the entire book to you. There ya go. Now you have to buy it.” – 4/5

Sydney Morning Herald – “This title should appeal to a wide audience. Fans of comedic science fiction, such as Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Red Dwarf, and Hyperdrive should definitely have a look, and anyone who enjoys Weiner’s webcomics should also be an easy sell. It also reads well as a loving parody of gamebooks in general, so fans of Tin Man’s Gamebook Adventures or the Fighting Fantasy series are bound to enjoy it. Really, though, if you’re just looking for a laugh, you would be hard pressed to find a better buy for only four bucks.”

Stromstock (German) – “Those able to cope with the English language, are open-minded and fancy quirky humour, will find Trial of the Clone entertains them for hours.” – 4/5 (English translation)

Starburst Magazine – “Our personal high points are when the author breaks the fourth wall and insults the reader directly…” – 8/10

App Champ – “An addictive game that will advise you to play by the rules but totally lures you to cheat, if you are smart enough!”

Casual Gameplay (JayIsGames) – “If you know Zach or SMBC, then it should come as no surprise that Trial of the Clone is frakking hilarious.”


Pocket Gamer – GAME OF THE WEEK!

Touch Arcade – New Tin Man Games Gamebook ‘Trial of the Clone’ Now Available, Features Narration by Wil Wheaton

App Spy – Trial of the Clone hits the App Store

VG24/7 – Trial of the Clone out now from Tin Man, SMBC creator, Wil Wheaton

Portable Gaming Region – “Listen to Wil Wheaton whisper things” in Trial of the Clone

Starburst Magazine – Gaming News: TRIAL OF THE CLONE Released on iOS & Android

Mighty Mega – Wil Wheaton narrates mobile game, Trial of the Clone

Padvance – Trial of the Clone brings you a traditional gamebook adventure, narrated by Wil Wheaton

Pocket Gamer – Don’t get too distracted by Wil Wheaton’s dulcet tones in new interactive iOS and Android novel Trial of the Clone

App Addict – ‘Trial of The Clone’ Gamebook From Tin Man Games and Zach Weinersmith Now Available w/ Narration By Wil Wheaton

MCV Pacific – Trial of the Clone released today

100% Indie – Cult Interactive Ebook Trial of the Clone on Samsung Apps

AppMyWorld – Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week (5/9/13)


We’ll update this blog post with any new reviews and features as they appear!

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  5. How about a version for the Blackberry? Would you be willing to port it over?

  6. No. Sorry. It’s just not worth our time sadly.