FODOur latest Fighting Fantasy digital gamebook release, The Forest of Doom, has been out a few weeks now on iOS and Android (Google Play and Amazon) and as usual we like to collate all our coverage for the release into one tidy blogpost. We’ve had a great response from FF fans and those new to our gamebook cause. On the whole the feedback has been really positive and people love the fact that we stuck to our guns and presented the gamebook as true to the old paperback as possible, obviously with our usual modern Tin Man Games twist!

Nostalgia is a huge factor for a title like The Forest of Doom as just the front cover alone brings back so many childhood memories for so many 30-40 somethings, and I think we captured that nostalgia just about right. We’ve also had some readers new to FF and gamebooks in general who have also enjoyed the book and has been a good entry point to gamebooks as the interactive story itself isn’t too wordy and the rules are are not too complicated. The addition of the map too has also helped A LOT as it helps people visualise where they are, where they’ve been and makes the whole experience a little less punishing.

So without further ado, here are our reviews so far:

148 APPS – 4.5 out of 5 – EDITOR’S CHOICE!

“Rarely putting a foot wrong in the past, Tin Man Games has continued that trend with an exceptionally enjoyable adventure game book conversion of The Forest of Doom. The third book in Ian Livingstone’s Fighting Fantasy series, it’s also one of the most well known and popular amongst fans. In this instance, Tin Man Games has done a fine job of transferring it to iOS, with some great fan service thrown in for good measure.”

“It’s the kind of experience that reminds one what fun interactive fiction can be, as well as making the promise of new Fighting Fantasy titles from Tin Man Games soon, all the more exciting.”

POCKET GAMER – 9 out of 10 – GOLD AWARD!

“Age has done little to dim the power of the book, and its new digital clothing allows it to shine brighter than ever before.”

“Malcolm Barter’s original illustrations have been lovingly updated and colourised for this new release, lending the adventure a sense of freshness – so much so that it’s hard to believe that these drawings are 30 years old.”

“Given that Tin Man Games’s previous two efforts were quite similar in tone, the change of scenery in The Forest of Doom is very welcome indeed. It’s also encouraging to see the developer adding content to its already-robust Gamebook engine – you now have an auto-map, which records your progress and makes your choices that little bit easier.”

TOUCH ARCADE – 4 out of 5

“This is a beautiful, wonderful adaptation of the classic book. It has every bell and whistle you could ask for in terms of making the experience of playing Forest of Doom as enjoyable as possible. If you’re here looking for the book on your iOS device, look no further. This is what you want. If you’re a fan of game books but don’t know this one at all, I give it a hearty recommendation. This is one of the classics of the genre and it has been given the usual royal treatment from the developer.”

SLIDE TO PLAY – 4 out of 4

“Gamebooks in general have a limited appeal. Their simplistic RPG mechanics and short stories are definitely not for everyone. But for those of us who grew up on these kinds of stories, and love the idea of “playing” a book, The Forest of Doom is a great adventure. They story, though short, is pretty great, the illustrations are gorgeous, and the imagination on display is remarkable. Tin Man Games has done a great job of bringing this classic story to iOS, and for us choose-your-own-adventure geeks it’s great to have on our phones or tablets.”

TOUCH MY APPS – “Grab it!”

“There are clearly so many advantages to an electronic version of this form of entertainment, and to date Tin Man Games has one of the best interfaces available.  It doesn’t hurt any that their stories are generally quite interesting as well.  So far The Forest of Doom has been no exception to the rule, though I will say that as a whole this one seems much harder than any of the ones I’ve played in the past.  I guess that means I’ll just have to put more effort into beating it.”

GAMEZEBO – 3.5 out of 5

“The Forest of Doom is actually pretty good, and packs in some nice extras including achievements, an extensive art gallery that catalogs your encounters, a history of the Fighting Fantasy series and the story behind The Forest of Doom.”

TROLLISH DELVER – 5 out of 5

“Presentation-wise, TFoD is pretty beautiful. From the gorgeous opening movie showcasing some of the amazing artwork you find inside and some lovely music, to the leafy design of the pages, this is probably the nicest looking Tin Man game so far.”


“Forest of Doom is definitely worth your time. If you’ve been curious about picking up a Fighting Fantasy gamebook, it’s easily the best place for you to start. Not only does it have the old-school cachet that’s vitally important for pressing your nostalgia buttons, it’s also bloody good fun to play.”


“The Forest of Doom brings nothing new to the genre, as it’s a new take on an old book, but that shouldn’t put you off, it’s a lot of fun. The new format really does suit it and is ideal for stealth geeks. If you ever wanted to battle hobgoblins whilst in a boring meeting, then this is for you.”


“I’ve stated over and over again how much I enjoy everything Tin Man Games makes.  It will come as no surprise to you then when I tell you that The Forest of Doom is another fantastic app from a company that seems incapable of making anything BUT fantastic apps.  I spoke to Neil Rennison about this on Twitter recently, complaining that I’m rapidly running out of superlatives when it comes time to review the latest release.  He jokingly suggested I create new ones . . . I’m going to give it a shot. The Forest of Doom is the most readilicious, funtasticnatious . . . Ok, clearly this isn’t working.”


“…you owe it to yourself to experience The Forest of Doom. Despite being a book for young adults, its dark, ominous atmosphere and mature writing style can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages.”

STROMSTOCK – 4 out of 5 (German review)

“Wer einen Spielbuch-Klassiker neu entdecken möchte, kann sich mit der iPad-Version von The Forest of Doom ein paar abenteuerliche Stunden bereiten. Wer Livingstones Wald erneut besucht, freut sich über Boni wie Ausführungen des Autors zur Entstehung.”

FIFTY SHADES OF GEEK – 9 out of 10

“The Forest of Doom is another excellent conversion of one of the better Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. For me, the addition of mapping is the biggest plus point and is something I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of. Tin Man seem to raise the bar with each release and I hope they continue to do so.”


We’ve also been doing pretty well on Metacritic as well and we’ve just been sent confirmation that not only is The Forest of Doom in the Top 10 of both iPad and iPhone Games for June on, but we’re also in 3rd Place as Finest Publisher in June too! 😀



LATE ADDITION! The Forest of Doom has also been included on AppMyWorld’s Top 5 iPhone and iPad Games of the Week coming in 2nd place!


One final thing! Thank you so much if you’ve left a lovely review on the iOS App Store, Google Play or Amazon Appstore. We read every single one and take all your comments on board to try and improve our digital gamebook apps. You are all AWESOME!

The Tin Man Games team.

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