Phew! Has it been five years ALREADY?

Incredible! Eighteen gamebooks later, Tin Man Games hits our FIFTH anniversary! It seems like so long ago when our very first gamebook, An Assassin in Orlandes, was released. And yet here we are, with our eighth book in the Orlandes series, Curse of the Assassin. From necromancers to revenants to wizards to crazy spider worshipping cults, each journey to Orlandes has certainly been different!

And then there’s our other gamebooks! Infinite Universe, the Strange Loves series, not to mention Trial of the Clone, narrated by Wil Wheaton! Finally there was the small matter of signing up the Fighting Fantasy license and we’ve been proud to release three of those so far – Blood of the Zombies, House of Hell and The Forest of Doom

Don’t worry though, we’re not stopping! There’s more gamebooks on the way, with The Forgotten Spell coming soon, as well as more Gamebook Adventures, Fighting Fantasy and a few new titles and series up our sleeves! Thanks so much to all our fans who have helped make our fifth year the best yet.

Seriously, you’re wonderful. 😀

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  1. Happy Birthday to You!! :0)

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  3. […] Tin Man Games is celebrating their fifth anniversary by releasing the eighth book in the Orlandes setting, Curse of the Assassin. Their gamebooks are available on both Android and iOS. They have music, illustrations, and handle all of the combat and inventory mechanics, which makes them great for places where you don’t want to break out a pad of paper and a pair of dice. If fantasy isn’t your thing they have a scifi/humor series called Infinite Universe (currently only one book) that I really enjoyed, plus a great Judge Dredd book called Countdown Sector 106. […]

  4. Congrats TinMan team. Keep up good work!