GD_LOGO_NEW_FINALYay! Today we finally released Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs on to the iOS App Store. It’s been a long time coming (originally due for release in 2012!) and joins the Android version that has been sitting on Google Play for the last couple of weeks (and due to hit Amazon at any time too). With new brands we sometimes like to do an early release on Google, due mainly because we don’t have a 1-2 week submission process to sit through like Apple. It helps us generate some early buzz and get feedback from early adopters.

It’s been a pleasure working with Gary Chalk (OMG, is that Gary Chalk on the phone? THE Gary Chalk!?) and Jamie Wallis of Greywood Publishing. If you’re interested in finding out about them both, we wrote an FAQ blog post about them both here…

I can’t begin to express what a pleasure, and indeed honour, it has been working with Gary. There are so few artists that still use pencil and paper as a medium; it adds heart to the illustrations and I couldn’t wait to see the new pieces as they arrived. – Jamie Wallis

gundogs_icon_blogSo what is Gun Dogs and why should you read it? Jamie first approached us in 2011 and proposed a number of titles in collaboration with Gary. Gun Dogs shone out as something rather special and they both began work designing the world, with Jamie putting down the words and Gary sharpening the pencils and mixing the paints. It takes the traditional fantasy world of magic and monsters and twists it around a little, adding in a semi-renaissance flavour and most importantly the invention of guns! The story sees you charged with treason against the Empire and placed on death row. The Emperor has offered you a choice: die a slow and humiliating death or serve as a Gun Dog, an expendable soldier assigned impossible missions and tethered by a collar. Not just any collar mind you, but a magical device around your neck that will choke you to death if you disobey your orders. The story takes you across The Empire from Lentica to your destination at Fort Wylde, on a mission in which you meet many strange inhabitants of the world and visit bustling cities and dangerous forests.


Jamie has done a brilliant job of turning my vague ideas for the setting into a really exciting gamebook. I presented him with a map of the area that was largely empty, a story that consisted solely of a beginning and an end and a rather confused collection of characters. He has woven all of this into the text of an epic wilderness adventure the size of a continent! – Gary Chalk

Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs is available to download for around $3.99/£2.49/ 3,59 € on the various app stores.

Check it out!



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