12Days_12Well here it is! What is fast becoming a yearly tradition, we present The Twelve Days of Gamebooks, a fun way for us to reveal to all of you that read our blog, exactly what we have planned for 2014 and beyond. If you’re unfamiliar with how it works, we open a door of our calendar above every other day, starting tomorrow on Dec 1st (or 2nd depending on where you are in the world). It will reveal a picture and we then let you guess what you think it will be – sometimes it’s easy, other times even the gamebook experts might be flummoxed! Around 24 hours later we write a blog post about the gamebook (or sometimes entire gamebook series) that is revealed. If you want to see how last year’s turned out then check out The Twelve Days of Gamebooks 2012. We’d love lots of Twitter chatter this year so if you want to guess any of the reveals then use the hashtag #12DaysOfGamebooks.

A list of the reveals will be published below:

On the first day of Gamebooks, Mungo gave to me… (Fighting Fantasy: Island of the Lizard King)

On the second day of Gamebooks, Death gave to me… (The Second Garden)

On the third day of Gamebooks, Shakespeare gave to me… (To Be or Not To Be: That is The Adventure)

On the fourth day of Gamebooks, a Fabled Writer gave to me… (Golden Dragon Fantasy Gamebooks)

On the fifth day of Gamebooks, a Red Shirt gave to me… (Fighting Fantasy: Starship Traveller)

On the sixth day of Gamebooks, a Stuffed Bunny gave to me… (Chooseomatic: Zombocalypse Now)

On the seventh day of Gamebooks, an Orlandrian gave to me… (Gamebook Adventures 10, 11 and 12)

On the eighth day of Gamebooks, a Ninja Warrior gave to me… (The Way of the Tiger)

On the ninth day of Gamebooks, an Orlandrian also gave to me… (Gamebook Adventures – new media)

On the tenth day of Gamebooks, a Gem Specialist gave to me… (Jack Striker and the Palace Under the Sea)

On the eleventh day of Gamebooks, a Vengeful Dwarf gave to me… (Holdfast)

On the twelfth day of Gamebooks: It’s a Miracle on Gamebook Street! (New Gamebook Engine!)



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