The Siege of the Necromancer

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We proudly announce our second book in the Gamebook Adventures fantasy series, The Siege of the Necromancer! Set in the coastal town of Myr, you have returned home after a long Summer in the mines of Durath Tor to find your hometown besieged by strange creatures. A dark presence has taken over the town and you are the only one who can rid the stronghold of Erid Buul, the mysterious new Lord and his ghastly cohorts.

  • Newly written fantasy adventure story containing magic, monsters and mystery. We are not simply a re-print of old gamebooks with each GA story lovingly crafted by experienced gamebook authors.
  • Easy to use interface with classic page turning. As easy as reading a book!
  • Dynamic page links that respond to your situation.
  • New gamebook rules and battle system unique to Gamebook Adventures. Rules are accessible at any time during the adventure if you need to refresh yourself.
  • Real-time 3D dice rolling with realistic physics. Shake the device like a dice shaker and watch the 3D dice bounce around the scene and off each other. Stop shaking and the dice will land giving you a result. Want to speed up dice rolls? Then use our fast Quick Dice feature!
  • Easy to change fonts, font sizes, and paper type to set up the book the way you want it.
  • Accessible character sheet at all times during reading which auto updates when you pick up an item, your stats change, or you gain valuable information to help in your quest.
  • Use bookmarks to save your progress helping you get past tricky sections.
  • Achievements to collect throughout the book for those who wish to thoroughly explore all aspects of the story. With more achievements than the first book!
  • Beautifully illustrated by Dan Maxwell. With twice as many images to find than the first gamebook! Once found, each illustration is framed and mounted on the achievements wall so they can be accessed full-screen!
  • Keep informed as the land of Orlandes grows. “Orlandes Uncovered” is a detailed history of the fantasy setting and will be updated at regular intervals giving you a rich and rewarding overall experience with the gamebooks.
  • Interactive world map which can be zoomed and scrolled. This will also be updated regularly as the details about the world unfold and expand.

Gamebook Adventures is brought together through the efforts of passionate and avid gamebook enthusiasts. If you are familiar with the Choose You Own Adventure, Fighting Fantasy, Lone Wolf or Grail Quest series then Gamebook Adventures will really appeal to you. Our aim is to give those nostalgic readers of old something new and fresh, and bring a new exciting experience to those unfamiliar with gamebooks. If you enjoy fantasy RPGs or adventure games then this is for you!

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  1. […] we thought we would reveal our new look logos for The Siege of the Necromancer and An Assassin in Orlandes! Set within the fantasy setting of Orlandes, both interactive gamebooks […]

  2. What, EXACTLY is the release date for the new gamebook? I loved Assassin, btw. Best thing ive seen on ipod. Also, do you guys have anything similiar or are you aware of anything similiar to these games, made specifically for the PC?

  3. No EXACT date for Necromancer yet. We’re still busy working on it but we’ll post on the blog once we get close. We’re also announcing GA 3 very soon. In answer to your other question, I don’t know off-hand of anything similar on PC.

  4. […] title. There’s plenty of time for Tin Man Games to iron out any issues between this and the next gamebook. While you’re waiting for that, though, why don’t you give this one a look? It’s […]

  5. […] With more achievements and more illustrations than there were in An Assassin in Orlandes, this second Gamebook Adventures title is one we’re really proud of! For more information on the gamebook features, check out our The Siege of the Necromancer page. […]

  6. […] second Gamebook Adventures book within the Orlandes setting is the magical The Siege of the Necromancer! Set in the coastal town of Myr, you have returned home after a long Summer in the mines of Durath […]

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