YOU decide which book we bring to Fighting Fantasy Classics next!

We’re looking to the future of our newly released Fighting Fantasy Classics app and we want to know which book YOU want to play next! In case you’ve missed it, Fighting Fantasy Classics is a library-style app through which you can collect and play many of your favourite Allansian adventures! It is free to download on iOS and Android and every player gets Jonathan Green’s swashbuckling pirate adventure Bloodbones for free upon download.

Presently, you can purchase a handful of never-before-released gamebooks through the app, including Citadel of Chaos, Warlock of Firetop Mountain and City of Thieves.

There are so many classic Fighting Fantasy stories we would love to bring to you, but rather than guessing which new title you’d most like to play next, we are bringing the question directly to you! Would you like to play Deathtrap Dungeon or Sword of the Samurai next?

Get your vote in now! We’ll be taking your votes until Monday, April 9th, 6pm AEST.

Thanks for your response! May your Skill and Luck carry you ever onwards and your Stamina never fade!


Introducing Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown, an RPG adventure that brings tabletop gaming to life for PS VR!

We are so pleased to finally be able to tell you about our new PS VR title: Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown!

It’s an adventure RPG that brings tabletop gaming to life in virtual reality – a true digital tabletop RPG that sees the player take their place at a virtual table and determine the fate of a party of scoundrels as they venture through a world of swashbuckling and sorcery!

Table of Tales invites you to take a seat at the ultimate roleplaying game tabletop – one that can literally come to life before your eyes, dynamically changing as your adventure progresses.

Our history is deeply intertwined with tabletop gaming with many of our releases reflecting this, so we’re really excited to be taking the next leap forward in this area of gaming by making a really fantastic digital tabletop RPG for VR.

Seated at the mysterious, magical table, you will take control of a party of scoundrels, making tactical combat decisions and determining the scoundrels’ fate whenever they encounter trouble. True to our narrative roleplaying roots, Table of Tales features a story that is shaped by the decisions you make – the game is highly replayable, with different outcomes to explore.

Every tabletop RPG needs a Game Master, thus central to Table of Tales’ is Arbitrix – an unconventional narrator who guides the player through their adventures with the table. Our Lead Writer Ben McKenzie gives you a bit of an idea what to expect when it comes to Arbitrix:

“There have been lots of Game Master characters in games, but many are very antagonistic and only have one goal: to kill you. A big part of Table of Tales is bringing to life a Game Master who is more like real-life GMs: they challenge you, yes, but really they’re on your side. They love the game and want you to have the best and most exciting adventure possible. That’s Arbitrix.”

We’ve been working on Table of Tales for over 18 months now and it feels awesome to finally be sharing this news with you all! We’re planning to release on the PlayStation Store Q3 2018.

Stay tuned for more Table of Tales news in the coming weeks, when we’ll be taking a closer look at the characters you can expect to meet in this new adventure!

EDIT: The planned release date for Table of Tales has been pushed back to early 2019. We want to deliver the best version of this game possible and we deeply appreciate your patience while we continue to work to make that happen.


After a number of months in development, Fighting Fantasy Classics is finally available to download from the App Store! Fighting Fantasy Classics is a brand new library app for iOS that will also be released on Android and PC/Mac very soon. The app will ultimately collect together many of your favourite Fighting Fantasy gamebooks from the 1980s until now!

The app is free to download and we’ve included Jonathan Green’s Bloodbones for FREE, with The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The Citadel of Chaos, City of Thieves, The Forest of Doom, Caverns of the Snow Witch and Island of the Lizard King available to buy for just $1.99USD for a limited time!

One of our most frequently asked questions is in relation to our existing FF apps as some fans are concerned that they will need to buy these apps again. We can assure owners of our older apps that these digital gamebooks will continue to be supported by Tin Man Games, so there is no need to re-purchase. Sadly we can’t migrate these purchases across to the new library app though.

So what’s next (our second most frequently asked question)? Well, we’re so excited to say that we have lots of classic Fighting Fantasy adventures coming down the pipe including Deathtrap Dungeon, Freeway Fighter, Sword of the Samurai, Trial of Champions, Temple of Terror and many more. We’ll also be re-releasing House of Hell, Starship Traveller, Appointment with F.E.A.R. and Blood of the Zombies too in this new/old format!

We’ve had a few bugs and issues with this release, which is one of the reasons why the Android version is a bit late, so please bear with us while we make some changes – including the addition of a new mapping feature for ALL gamebooks.

And if this news wasn’t exciting enough for the team, we have some more HOT TIN MAN GAMES NEWS coming next week during the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco! We’ve been hinting for a while now about a new VR title we’ve been working on for the past 18 months. Well, it’s almost time to reveal all and we might just explode.


It won’t be long until we release the first wave of digital Fighting Fantasy gamebooks in our brand new Fighting Fantasy Classics app for iOS and Android (and later Steam). If you’ve followed our adventures for a while, you’ll know we can’t resist creating new logos for our digital adaptations. So, behold our new logos for The Citadel of Chaos and City of Thieves! We think they look great over Ian Miller and Iain McCaig’s  beautiful artwork – let us know your thoughts.

Fighting Fantasy Classics will debut with the following FF titles available to buy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The Citadel of Chaos, The Forest of Doom, City of Thieves, Island of the Lizard King and Caverns of the Snow Witch. Bloodbones will be available to read and play for free! More FF titles will appear in a second wave later this year.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for more information over the coming weeks!


Miss Fisher arrives in style on Steam for PC & Mac!

The Great War is over, the economy is booming and jazz bars are cropping up everywhere. Welcome to Roaring Twenties! The stylish and charming Miss Phryne Fisher has just returned from a jaunt in Europe to her hometown of Melbourne, Australia.

Phryne may be an heiress and a socialite, but she is also a stellar detective – as famous for flaunting the conventions of her time as she is for her gorgeous outfits and stunning sense of style. Armed with her golden pistol, razor sharp wit, and bottomless charisma, Phryne solves mysteries of every variety; kidnappings, conspiracy, and – of course- murder.

As a private detective, Phryne must frequently deal with the local constabulary – led by Detective Inspector Jack Robinson and his right-hand-man Constable Hugh Collins. Despite rocky beginnings, Jack soon comes to appreciate Miss Fisher’s Holmesian skills of observation and deduction – especially after she saves his neck more than once!

Never far from Miss Fisher’s side is Dorothy “Dot” Williams. After becoming acquainted during an investigation, Phryne is quick to notice Dot’s quiet intelligence, and offers her a place in her household but Dot is quick to prove her worth as far more than a maid.

Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze sees you join Miss Fisher and her companions as they unravel a strange case that begins with a night at the theatre gone horribly wrong and takes Phryne deep into her past – to memories she has long fought to forget, but must now confront.

Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze is a murder mystery adventure game based on the hit TV series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, which was filmed and produced in Australia and has been broadcast in over 150 territories worldwide. The series wowed audiences around the world with its stunning sets and award-winning costumes which evoke the period in an uncommonly vivid way. It features a type of heroine often absent from games and television – an adult woman who is neither femme fatale, nor damsel, nor matron. Phryne is intelligent, cheeky and worldly – an intriguing and refreshing lead.

Download Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze now for PC, Mac, iOS and Android!


 Happy Holidays from Tin Man Games! To celebrate the season we have reduced many of our games on the App Store, Google Play and Steam. Check out the full list here:

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Fighting Fantasy Classics are coming!

As part of our $40k Stretch Goal for The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Kickstarter we promised a classic version of TWOFM using our older Gamebook Adventures Engine. It’s taken a while but we can now proudly say that it will be available in 2018. Not only that but we have big plans for Fighting Fantasy and will be adapting a number of your old favourites in that old engine too!

Press Release: Wednesday 13th December

New Digital Collection of Classic Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks in the Works

Tin Man Games are currently developing Fighting Fantasy Classics, a digital library app for iOS, Android, PC and Mac, that will collect many of the gamebooks from the ever-popular Fighting Fantasy series. The original adventures, written and presented by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, are being converted to a digital gamebook format. Combat and skill rolls will be resolved by rolling realistic 3D dice, and the famous Adventure sheet, normally found at the front of the books, functions in the game via an autofill system.

The library will debut early 2018 and will feature Fighting Fantasy titles previously released by Tin Man Games, along with new adaptations previously unseen in Tin Man’s gamebook engine. Favourites such as The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The Citadel of Chaos, and City of Thieves will join Bloodbones, Caverns of the Snow Witch, Island of the Lizard King and The Forest of Doom.

Neil Rennison, Creative Director for Tin Man Games, said: “We’ve been one of the digital custodians of the Fighting Fantasy license for a number of years now and feel that it’s about time that the original fans, as well as newcomers, are able to play the classics on their smartphones and tablets. We’ve updated our old gamebook engine and plan to release a large number of the gamebooks that players will be able to purchase within the one app.”

New releases will be staggered across the next 18 months and will include Deathtrap Dungeon, Sword of the Samurai and Creature of Havoc amongst many others. Where possible Tin Man Games will use the original artwork from the gamebooks as well as adding new illustrations to bring the interactive adventures to life.

Neil continued: “We also have plans to include lots of extras over time, including music options, new dice designs and page skins. There are a lot of titles in the original collection that have never been re-published, so it’s a very exciting time for Fighting Fantasy fans!”

Fighting Fantasy Classics will be available to download in February 2018 for iOS and Android. It will also be available on PC and Mac via Steam a few months later.


As the sun sets across the peak of Firetop Mountain and readers finally discover why The Sun Went Out, we at Tin Man Towers can look back on an amazing 2016 and look forward to following some interesting new paths in 2017!


Ben Kosmina (with Triforce) moved on to pastures new in December after three and a half amazing years at TMG.

Sadly we said goodbye to Kamina and Ben this year, who gathered their backpacks, stocked their provisions and ventured forth on to new quests. We will miss them both but look forward to hearing about their legendary adventures, building Mountains and becoming Mighty heroes! We were also blessed this year as we were able to work with some wonderful new Tin Minions – artists, writers, musicians, programmers and more. We couldn’t make the games in the ways that we want to without their unique talents, so we thank them all and hopefully look forward to working with them again in the future. We also have some new minions sharpening their blades to join us in 2017 for new adventures, which we’re all very excited about.

So what quests will we very venturing on next? Zagor will be continuing to assert his evil influence in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain with two new downloadable updates for PC, Mac and Linux, that will see new adventurers enter the fray, following new quests and unlocking new, as-yet unexplored parts of the mountain. We will also bringing the mountain to new digital platforms in 2017, so new adventurers can take up the challenge. We’ve already announced that the game will be coming to iPhone and iPad (and looking great), but if you’re not an iOS user you can console yourself that it may be appearing on some other platforms too!

(Edit: Also be on the look out for a classic version of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain in our old engine, hitting smart phones and tablets in 2017!)


An early development build of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain running on an iPhone!

Our weekly interactive fiction saga, Choices: And The Sun Went Out, finally ended after 13 months this week. We’ve already had some pretty powerful responses from readers:

Bravo. Simply Amazing. Thank You Thank you so much Tin Man Games. “And The Sun Went Out” is THE best interactive novel I have read. The characters, the emotional bond with them is phenomenal. The plot is really nice and the execution was well kept. I would like for you to make another story, with an interesting plotline and a kickass character like Moti! Thank you again! Keep up the great work.

Amazing journey I just finished ‘and the sun went out’ and I’m crying. What an amazing journey! I can’t wait to start over and try other choices!

And The Sun Went Out is by far our largest text-choice-based adventure game, coming in at over 600,000 words. The writing and editing team have done an incredible job designing the multiple story paths and plots to create an absorbing interactive story that we hope will become a major landmark in interactive fiction. We hope to lift Moti from iOS and Android next year and bring it to desktop computers too!

If that storyline has wetted your appetite, Choices: And Their Souls Were Eaten (available from the same app), is already hitting its stride, almost reaching the end of Arc 4 already. “Travel across a steampunk 1830s Europe, where metal is magical, giving powers to those who wear it. Learn more about your ancient gift and what it means for you, your family, and humanity. Uncover the nefarious plot to destroy all life… and fight against time to stop your enemy from destroying everything you hold dear.”

We also have plans to start a third story in early 2017, with a fourth arriving to the app later in the year. If you’re a fan of Choices, there’s a lot to stick around for! You can purchase subscriptions on iOS, or story passes/choice tokens on Android.


The many faces of Moti, your AI companion in And The Sun Went Out.

2017 will also see the debut of a new style of Tin Man Games adventure in the form of a visual novel! If you’ve ever loved games like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, then you may want to cast a glance at our upcoming game, Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze. Playing the venerable Phryne Fisher in 1920s Melbourne, you must investigate a number of key murders across a number of episodes, which culminate in a larger series narrative arc. The game is based on the TV show, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (that is also based on a series of novels), which ran for 3 seasons (available on Netflix and various TV networks) and soon to be turned into movies.

The decision to move Miss Fisher into visual novels was simple – the outfits! The TV show has always boasted great fashions as well as beautiful art deco inspired backdrops, so it made sense to make the adventure game more visual. We want fans of the books and the show to feel like they are inhabiting Phryne’s world and simply put, we also wanted to make a really gorgeous looking visual novel! We’re confident that the marriage of the two will please both demographics and we hope that this series will be the first of many journeys into this genre of game.


Phryne and Jack need to get to the bottom of another ghastly murder!

And finally, we have another couple of announcements for 2017 that we sadly cannot talk about too much just yet. What we can say is that one of the projects will be very familiar to those long-time TMG fans that have followed this blog over the years. While we haven’t always come through to develop all of the projects that we have promised (for a variety of business reasons), the ones that do fall by the wayside do not end up there because we don’t love them. In most cases, we’re really disappointed not to work on them. So if the opportunity arises where it we can pick them up again, then we will with gusto. This  is one of those!

The other project is quite frankly, huge. It’s so big in fact that we’ve already been working hard on it for a number of months and have teamed up with another Melbourne based dev team to bring about its creation. It started off as a crazy idea, which was then pitched to a number of interested parties, and subsequently picked up by one of those parties. Speed forward a few months and we’re knee-deep in something rather grand and very exciting that not only changes our adventure path but places us in a whole new reality! We’ll reveal more news as and when we can.

And finally…


We just want to say goodbye to one of our digital gamebooks that we hold dear to our hearts. Sadly we will be removing Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 from sale in the next few weeks. The license has expired and the licensors have chosen not to renew. So, if you want to journey into Mega-City One as the fearsome Dredd, then grab it now before it’s too late. It’s currently available to buy at a greatly reduced price on Google Play, App Store and Steam (along with lots of other TMG games). Neil is also currently tweeting some of the lovely illustrations from the gamebook on his twitter using the hastag #ByeDredd106.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us @ Tin Man Games!


The Warlock of Firetop Mountain IS HERE!


The Warlock of Firetop Mountain has now been out in the wild for a whole week! We can hardly believe that the game we have been working so hard on for the last two years, is now being played by thousands of players across the world.

Steam Download Here!

DRM-Free Humble Download Here!


It’s been an insanely busy release week as the team has been literally split down the middle. On the very morning of release on Steam, Ben and Clinton caught a flight from Melbourne to Seattle and spent four manic days showing Warlock off to the excited crowds. Lots of gamers passed by the booth and made a visit to Firetop Mountain. Fighting Fantasy isn’t as well known in the U.S. as it is in the UK, Europe and Australia, but the American players fell in love with Allansia – the reception has was immensely positive!


The other half of the team have been busy in the office, dealing with customer support and a range of bug fixes that generally accompany a big game release. Despite all the testing that we did prior to release, there were still a couple of rough edges in a few places. Many of you encountered a nasty ‘Resume Game’ bug that corrupted save games and we also had an issue with Souls not unlocking new characters on some computers. Those bugs and a few other minor issues have now been resolved with a number of updates, so please make sure you download the latest version from Humble and Steam. Thank you to everyone that messaged us with detailed descriptions of any problems you were having and thank you for your patience and understanding while we investigated the problems and instigated the fixes!

Please contact us if you encounter any more issues and we’ll look into them immediately!



Some great reviews have appeared online over the last week from many of the gaming outlets. Youtubers and Twitchers have also been busily streaming play-throughs and on the whole the response has been overwhelmingly positive! Here are some of the highlights…

“I can speak on behalf of Fighting Fantasy fans everywhere when I say that this is, to date, the most enjoyable and definitive adaptation of the gamebook” – Game Cynic – 8.3/10

“It’s absolutely delightful…” – PCWorld – 4/5

“…amazingly beautiful, fun and totally addictive. You can feel the love and soul of this game…” – Sticky Trigger – 8.6/10

“It is THE closest experience to playing a table top RPG without actually sitting across a table with my buddies.” – Blaise Plays

“If you’re a fan of fantasy roleplaying, tabletop games, or choose-your-own-adventure stories, you will love The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. It’s nostalgic, but updated sufficiently so that it will appeal to those who have no background with the old Fighting Fantasy series. The puzzles and stories are engaging, the combat is fun, and you’ll find yourself playing far longer than you intended as you choose “just one more” junction to find what waits around the next turn.” – GeekDad



We’ve also had an incredible response by players on Steam and at the time of typing this, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain has 68 reviews with a 94% positive rating. Steam auto-updated our review status from Positive to Very Positive!

If you’ve left us a user review over the last few days, thank you so much! If you’re playing the game on Steam and enjoying it, please consider leaving the game a review. Reviews are key to pulling in gamers that may be on the fence about the game, especially those that have never heard of a gamebook before!

You can also help spread the word by Sharing our Facebook and Twitter posts:




We’ve had a few enquiries about the reasons why there was no DLC at launch, as stated in the original Kickstarter. There are a bunch of reasons for this and you can get all the information about that over on the Warlock Steam forum:


Rest assured DLC is coming and not only that, there will be FREE updates to the game in the coming months, with brand new heroes, quests and some new areas to explore! At the request of forum posters too, we are also looking into the possibility of adding in a feature that highlights completed quests as well as a possible creature collection.

We also couldn’t get the Linux version fully completed and tested for launch, so if you are a Linux user, we apologise and we are working on that over the next few weeks!

You’ll also be interested to know that we’ve started work on the iOS version of the game too and will be looking to release that, either later on this year or early 2017. We are still unsure at this stage whether an Android version is on the cards, but we’ll keep you all informed as to our plans with that version.



What comes after The Warlock of Firetop Mountain depends solely on the success of this game. If it sells well, then the sky is the limit in terms of adapting more Fighting Fantasy gamebooks in this style and evolving it even further. If you want to see more then please share your love for the game across as many channels as possible!

A massive thanks to all of our Kickstarter Backers who helped make this game happen, and to everyone else who has supported us on our journey. It’s been incredibly rewarding adapting the grand-daddy of all fantasy gamebooks and we hope we can do more in the future.



The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is almost here!

Released at the end of August 2016!

Steam Link!