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Based in Melbourne, Australia

Release date:
22 April, 2015

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Drokk! It’s an adventure game. It’s an interactive book. It’s an RPG. You are Judge Dredd, the toughest judge to patrol Mega-City One, a vast futuristic city, set in the 22nd Century! Using a realistic dice-based battle system, you get to fight your enemies in exciting shootouts and roll your fate, as you use your array of skills against a variety of perps in an epic storyline.


Following on from their strong releases in the Gamebook Adventures series, Tin Man Games was able to work with Rebellion on bringing Judge Dredd to iOS and Android as a Mega Gamebook. The initial announcement was made at GCAP 2011, with the iOS and Android releases receiving positive reviews.


  • Use your Authority skill to intimidate perps! You are the LAW!
  • Deal out justice with your Daystick, Lawmaster bike and Bootknife!
  • Take down perps with armour-piercing, explosive and ricochet rounds!
  • Find all-new Dredd art as you arrest the scum in Mega-City One.
  • Collect perp rap sheets, each with bios and mugshots.


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download all screenshots & photos as .zip (38MB)

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Awards & Recognition

  • "WINNER - Silver Award" Pocketgamer, 3 August, 2012

Selected Articles

  • "Funny, rewarding, and pleasantly violent, Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 replaces the rattle of gunfire with the rattle of dice, and it just works."
    - Harry Slater, Pocketgamer
  • "With their latest release, Tin Man Games have proven that they can handle existing characters just as well as they do heroes of their own creation. Do yourself a favor – quit reading my words and start reading theirs."
    - Jim Squires, Gamezebo
  • "It all makes for a game that’s tough to criticize. As an adventure game book, Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 succeeds very well and I suspect Judge Dredd fans will adore it all the more."
    - Jennifer Allen, 148 Apps

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Tin Man Games is a developer specializing in digital gamebooks – interactive fiction/RPG style games where you control the story.

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Judge Dredd: Countdown Sector 106 Credits

Nick Robinson

Neil Rennison
Creative Director, Tin Man Games

Ben Britten
Technical Director, Tin Man Games

Clinton Shepherd
Lead Programmer, Tin Man Games

Ben Kosmina
Producer, Editor, Tin Man Games

Kamina Vincent
Community Manager, QA Lead, Tin Man Games

Clint Langley
Cover Artist, Freelancer

German Ponce
Illustrations, Freelancer

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